Version 3.1.6

== New Content ==

- Added new Devourer Limited Edition Alt Avatar: Rift Devourer
* The victorious Riftspawn are wasting no time with their invasion of Newerth. Queen Riftwalker has summoned the Devourer of Worlds to wreak havoc and consume all hope on the planet!
* Releases on 7/12/2013

- Added new Wretched Hag Alt Avatar: Wicked Hag of the West
* Keep your little dog safe until we create a way to drop a house on this wicked lady and her creepy monkey minion! Who's carrying the Ruby Marchers? There's no place like Newerth, there's no place like Newerth...
* Releases on 7/15/2013

- Added new Thunderbringer Alt Avatar: Lightningbringer
* This lightning mage is the first human accepted into Thunderbringer's tribe, and her ability to harness the elemental power of violent storms brings an impressive arsenal to the Legion!
* Releases on 7/17/2013

- Added new Empath Limited Edition Alt Avatar: Guanyin
* Guanyin is the compassionate goddess of mercy and empathy who strives to help and heal everyone before achieving enlightenment. Her multiple arms allow her to offer many helping hands to her Legion allies, and the Hellbourne's endless attacks will keep her very busy!
* Releases on 7/19/2013

- Added new Flint Beastwood Alt Avatar: Smuggler Flint
* This scoundrel has some debts he needs to pay off, and me must be very desperate indeed if his only option is joining the fight against the Hellbourne. The rumor about all that gold inside Hell's Keep probably has nothing to do with it...
* Releases on 7/22/2013

- Added new Aluna Alt Avatar: Conquistador Aluna
* Conquistador Aluna has donned her exploration armor to recon deep behind Hellbourne lines and search for Newerth's hidden secrets and treasures. Tangling with the enemy on their turf, there's only one thing she's guaranteed to find: trouble.
* Releases on 7/24/2013

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

- Gauntlet Blast now properly afflicts valid targets with the stasis state at point-blank ranges

- Ice Imprisonment will now last the correct duration on summoned units

- Shadow Step now properly unbinds the target
- Shadow Step's stun duration on cliffs now matches the tooltip

- The toggled effect now properly propagates to illusions

- Removed game mode restrictions from Australia
- Added a small effect to ability icons that can be leveled up
- You can now search the Alt Avatar list for things like 'gold collection', 'Rise of Ra', etc.
- Fixed item and ability cooldown graphs when spectating a game or watching a replay
- Improved searching items and entities in practice mode