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    The Dark Lady

    The Dark Lady
    In-Game Lore:

    Wielding twin, scythe-like blades, the she-reaper known as the Dark Lady has moved through the Legion's ranks like a shadow of death. For soldiers seeking to buck up their courage, she is a punch-line: "Careful you don't find the Dark Lady," they joke to their carousing friend. But even these jokes are accompanied by a shudder. Swift and cold and lethal as the frozen winds off the steps, black as the cloud-choked night, she is no laughing matter.
    Official Additional Lore:
    Quote Originally Posted by Woodshed View Post
    In the final days of the Collapse when Death ran rampant over the earth, he came upon Mala, a young woman tending to her father, a scientist whose last breaths rattled with infection.
    Mala pleaded with Death to spare her father, promising anything in return.
    Death's finger hovered over her father's heart. "You will be in thrall to me for all time. There are many souls to reap."
    As her father struggled to stop her, Mala bowed before Death and became The Dark Lady, harvester of souls. She spared a final glance for her weeping father as Death pulled her to her endless duties.
    Her father did not last many days beyond that, but he spent them scribbling furiously in his notebook, hoping someone would find his designs for machinery that could defeat Death and release his daughter. He gave the design a single name: Flux.
    Unofficial Extended Lore:
    Mala, The Dark Lady

    The lady of death whose blades of demise echoes throughout the battlefield striking fear into the hearts of men was once a young human girl named Mala. Mala was the daughter of an old and frail scientist named Aleem , a man who throughout his entire life into creating constructs that aid in the prosperity and restoration of civilization. However Aleem was stricken with an incurable disease, his life was not for long and he lived only through the aid and care of his beloved daughter Mala.

    During the days of "The Collapse", when death ran rampant over the earth and began his harvest, it was not long till death was at Aleem's doorstep, and Aleem was on his deathbed. However Mala stood between her father and death, pleading with death to spare her father. Death was a vile and cunning being, seeing the opportunity of harvest, he listened to Mala's pleas. With a single touch to Aleem's chest, his health was restored and his disease purged. As Aleem awoke from his near-death, he tried to reach out to his daughter, but alas her weeping face was all that he could see before she and death disappeared into the shadows.

    Days have passed since then, and as tales of a "Dark Lady" slaughtering so many in a parade of death, Aleem spent his remaining days studying and calculating ways and formulas to vanquish death and rescue his daughter. Yet he was living on borrowed time, which death cunningly lent, and it was not long till his time ran out and died in his lab - the very same spot where his daughter and death vanished.

    "You will be a thrall to me for all time. Come now, there are many souls to reap" - Death

    • Death (captor)
    • Aleem* (father)
    • Flux (legacy of her father, designed to defeat death and rescue her)

    • "Suffer!!!"
    • "Your neck is mine!"
    • "Slash and dash!"
    • "Without mercy!"


    • "A lady needs her time"

    Out of Mana
    • "I'm dry as dust"


    • "I will believe them" (?)
    • "I smell fear"
    • "As you command"
    • "From the Flanks"


    • "My steel is ready"
    • "Tighter~!"
    • "Mooore~!"

    • "My blades are yours"

    Select Flavor

    • "Scissor time!"
    • "It's not making me faster!"
    • "Don't make me hurt you"
    • "Heheheh, silly boy~!"

    Taunt Prior

    • "Meet my blades!"

    Taunt After

    • "Ahh~ Such a tease"

    This Thread Is For The Discussion of Lore Surrounding The Dark Lady and her respective Alt Avatars.

    Note: The name Aleem is a placeholder until LoreMeister and Woodshed provide us with an actual name.

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    Originally her internal name during the early days of HoN was supposed to be Vanya, however as clarified by LoreMeister and Woodshed, her actual name is Mala.

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