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    Stories from Sang-La -- UPDATE: Congrats to the Winners!

    Patch 3.1.4: Beyond the Sang-La Mountains launched June 28, and to celebrate, we kicked off with a lore contest.

    Congratulations to the winners on their excellent submissions! Thanks to everyone who participated.

    • First Place: Mithra -- your idea will be incorporated into the official HoN lore and they will also receive an Ultimate Edition Wildsoul Alt Avatar and 200 Gold Coins.
    • Second Place: Ghilt -- you've won an Ultimate Edition Wildsoul
    • Third Place: Lexen_Rapier -- you've won 200 Gold Coins


    The rules are simple: below, in 300 words or less, identify the relationship between HoN newcomer Pandasoul (the Ultimate Edition Wildsoul), and fan-favorite Pandamonium. Both call the Sang-La Mountains home; however, not much else is known about their affinity. Are they friends? Foes? That's your call. Your story is only limited to the planes of your imagination!

    One entry per post, though you can enter as many times as you'd like.

    Contest closes Friday, June 28 at 12 p.m. EDT.

    On to the important stuff. The top three plot points, as determined by yours truly and several expert story tellers, will be rewarded with some in-game swag:

    We can't wait to read your ideas. Good luck, all!
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    Pandamonium once had a human girlfriend and they got a baby ( Pandasoul ) and after that pandasoul decided to buy a panda as pet. She started to play with the panda and after a while she started to see she had powers to controll the panda. Now shes back to show her father that she can be as powerfull as him. Let the fight begin!

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    Pandasoul is secret weapon that Pandamonium and Wildsoul were workin on. They came with that idea after Legion was in trouble to bring them help. They have paid the Panda trainer. She has seen that this Panda has secret power and she can control him. She learned that Panda everything. Now she is raoming around with Panda over Forest of Calvadar and show her skills.

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    Few people know that Pandasoul had already descended from the Sang-La Mountains during the mighty conflict between Legion and Hellbourne, sending a shard of her spirit in the form of the mightest warrior: Pandamonium. Though death had found Pandamonium many times on the battlefield, always he returned to the forefront of the battle unscathed. But now, the battle has raged for too long and the damage to Newerth has caused the Pandasoul, the spirit of all Pandas, to join the fight directly with the help of a young Wild Soul.

    Deep in the night near the Sang-La mountains, a wild soul apprentice is awoken by a voice calling to her. Trusting her instincts, she slips from her tent into the dark night and begins to run as if guided by an invisible hand. Always fast, the wild soul is like a streak of flesh color in the forest and her feet bring her to a clearing at the foot of the Sang-La mountains, she catches her breath and a shimmering light appears before her and speaks, "I am Pandasoul, the spirit of all pandas and source of power for the great warrior Pandamonium. His immortality comes from me. His soul is but a shard of mine and he cannot die so long as I live. But now I must risk both our immortal souls to help save Newerth itself."

    "I am but ethereal, and need a physical being to tether me to your world. I have chosen you to be my tether."

    The wild soul knelt before the great spirit and bowed her head. The light was gone instantly and a sparkling flower was tied securely with enchanted ribbons in her hair. The link was forged now between Wild Soul and the Great Spirit: Pandasoul.

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    Pandamonium and Zhen Zhen were raised up together in the Sang-La Mountains. But they were different. Where Pandamonium wanted to be more like humans and he learned to stand in both feet and talk like them, Zhen Zhen was feral, it was fascinated by the ways of it's ancestors and was closer to it's inner animal. But war changed everything and they were both found in the middle of it. Pandamonium, by choice, joined forces with the legion but Zhen Zhen tried to avoid it, protecting it's territory hiding in the Mountains.

    War is merciless and it reached Sang-La mountains too. One day, the pet found a wounded huntress. She was Hachina's sister, who was betrayed by her sister for not wanting to join the Hellbourne. Zhen Zhen, out of her kindness, couldn't leave the huntress to die, so, using ancient magic, created a bond between the two, to share the pain, and help with her recovery.

    This process brought them so close, that the huntress was infused with the Zhen Zhen's essence, gaining the ability to transform herself to the form of her companion. But she wasn't unaffected either. The huntress's hatred of the Hellbourne tainted its pure wild soul. So now, they both fight against the treacherous sister. As one.
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    In one fatefull day,while traveling by the river in the Sang-La Mountains,Pandamonium found a little human girl under a tree.In that moment he decided to adopt her as his own and train her ,and this is how the story of Lin begins.Even at a fragile age she showed much promise and soon she felt the call of the wild.The willderness beckoned her!
    With tears in her eyes she left her master's side to find her destiny.After she began her journey thru the mountain's forests she was greeted by a baby panda wich guided her to a hidden grove.There she trainded hard under nature's guidance.She rarely came down from the mountain and thus she remained oblivious at the war that waged between the Legion and the Helbourne.Years went by and with each passing day she became more powerfull;her panda bear companion never leaving her side and training with her and keeping her warm in the cold nights of the Sang-LA mountains.
    Now,with her training complete,and with the spirit of the wild burning inside her,time has come for Lin to come down from the mountain and join Pandamonium in the war against the Hellbourne.

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    Pandamonium and Pandasoul were raised together at the Sang-La mountains.Having heard of the conflict between the Legion and the Hellbourne they both decided that it was time they took part in the battle.So they trained together through tough challenges to overcome the fear of an overwhelming enemy and to be ready to face the Hellbourne on the battlefield.Though both of them trained equally hard the one who descended from the mountains first was Pandamonium.Before departing from the mountains,Pandasoul swore to Pandamonium that they would fight side by side against the Hellbourne after Pandasoul's training is complete

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    The orphan Young Lin was raised by enlightened Panda’s on the Sang La mountains. Her parents were killed by the Hellbourne when she was a baby. Raised by the enlightened panda, Pandamonium, she learned how to communicate, interact and live with the other panda’s. When she was young, she quickly made a good friend, the panda Zhen Zhen. Pandamonium, keeping an eye on Young Lin, saw how agile she was when gathering food, her speed was unmatched. Pandamonium, witnessing her in full action saw that she was ready to learn martial arts together with the not yet englightened panda Zhen Zhen. After years of hard training the basics, he knew there was only one person capable of bringing the dynamic duo to the next level, the hero Wild Soul. Besides the harsh training she experienced from Pandamonium, she never really experienced real sorrow, she never knew what was really happening in the world. Wild Soul made sure she got a grasp of reality. She saw how the Hellbourne destroyed villages, slaughtering innocent villagers, and there was nothing she could do about it. She screamed at Wild Soul, begging him to help those villagers, she even tried to ask Boo Boo for help but he’s not a panda. Wild Soul told her that there was nothing they could do at the moment, they are simply too strong for them to handle. Wild Soul told her they had to train in the jungle.
    After the special training in the jungle, Young Lin and Zhen Zhen are now ready to battle the Hellbourne!
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    The Soul clan is in conflict with the Pandamonia for a long time. The clan is in favour of forcefully controlling the bears in order to fight the Hellbourne, while the Pandamonia wants the pandas to become enlightened and join their ranks. Young Lin from the Soul clan however, as the most talented warrior, her influence was much larger than the other warriors. She wasn’t the leader of the clan though, so there wasn’t only conflict within the Shang La mountains, but also within Young Lin’s clan. There was something strange with Young Lin, as powerful as a warrior she may be, she had no companion like the other warriors from her clan. However, her skills far exceed those from the other warriors, she can easily take out a warrior and her companion in a duel. After a political struggle with the clan leader, she decided to leave the clan and find a way to make peace with the Pandamonia. Obviously, they weren’t willing to listen, but Pandamonium saw her intentions were good, he was just waiting for her to prove herself. After being rejected by the Pandamonia she went into the bamboo forest, coincidentally finding a lost young wounded panda. She brought the panda back to the Pandamonia. Pandamonium said that panda’s name is Zhen Zhen and that he is her new companion now, to bring forward the example of how the powerful Soul clan and the powerful Pandamonia are when they fight together. The Pandamonia disagreed with it, but time was running out, the Hellbourne is at their doorstep and they have only a short time to train. Young Lin needs to prove herself with Zhen Zhen that their bond is stronger than any Hellbourne enemy, and hopefully bringing peace to the Shang La mountains.
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    Ages ago, the pandas and a nature-bound tribe of humans lived together in harmony. Both called the Sang-La Mountains their home and they respected each other. But after years of peace savage hunters of the Hellbourne brought evil to this surface. They burned the humans houses and devastated the land. The mighty chieftan Pandamonium fought with all his strength to protect his clan and family, but the enemies could seperate his new born daughter from him trying to kill it. In the last moment a young and brave woman of the human tribe stood in their way. She attacked them and when she saw a man hurting the little panda she screamed. Louder than any sound you could imagine. In her rage she suddenly began to transform, transform into a giant bear, tearing up anyone, who didnt run away. Since this day, when she rescued the little panda, she is known as the "Pandasoul". The little Panda has grown alot since that days and never leaves her side. The pandas tell this story to their newborn year for year. Noone has ever seen the Pandasoul again, but some say that she roams through the deepest forrests accompanied by her panda.

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    Before the pandamonium race was perished he tired to eat bamboos and he has worked too much to find a delicious food.Then he has found a kind of cheese.He love his cheese too much as a result when he offer to share his cheese with others if they refuse panda become mad,on the other hand cheese was not delicious i mean only panda love it.Once a girl dont refuse his cheese offer panda swear to teach her all he know about advanced martial art skills.But she was pretty bad about endurance actually so panda think a bit and found a solution.Then he teach to her how she can summon a panda spirit fight for her.

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    Pandamonium+Random white girl= Pandasoul. She played HoH,saw WS ingame,thought she can do even better with panda,she got her pet,and there you go.

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    Her misshapen head and stunted legs were hiding her true nature. She kept it as a secret for when the time would come. But it was too late. Malphai were flying in the sky, the bamboo fields were burning and blood was falling from the darkness above. She didn't know what to do. Confused by her appearance and moaning the ones she called mother and father, she ran through the bamboo fields without destination. Zhen Zhen was growling, and she understood: it was the beginning of the end!

    When he left Sang-La for the battlefield, he knew that his home won't be safe in his absence. Until he may return, he had to put someone to protect his homeland. He blessed Lin with a gift, unimaginable power. Her duty was to protect the forest until he would return.. but that was beyond her powers now. How can she fight the Hellbourne forces alone? Or maybe she didn't understand her true powers. What she did understand in the end, is that she is not alone.

    She wiped her tears and made a decision: find him, and together, fight the ones that ruined their home. But he left many years ago. Where to find Pandamonium, now? They haven't seen each other for a long time. She has to find him!

    Lin and Zhen Zhen first must get out of the bamboo fields, their first stop is then, King Jeraziah, to receive his blessings and to ask Sol himself about Pandamonium's whereabouts. It will take weeks to pass Sang-La through all the Hellbourne, but she doesn't care. She will have her revenge! She will defeat the Hellbourne, together, in the end!

    For now, she knows she is not alone. She has the whole Legion and of course, Zhen Zhen.
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    The Warrior-Monks made their home on the western side of Sang-La mountains at the foot of the peak which had kept them isolated for so long. They were the first to meet the onslaught of the Hellbourne during the first corruption.

    The young warrior gasped for breath and grabbed at his bare chest. He was perspiring, awoken by a most ominous sound. The gong of war rang.

    He scrambled to his feet and picked up his bamboo staff as he stepped outside.

    Due west 100 feet, stood hordes of monsters, unlike anything he had ever seen. Behind him, the beasts of Sang-La had gathered amongst his brothers and sisters.

    Before he could react, a shard of bone impaled him. A flying monstrosity rained down projectiles. The Hellbourne began their charge.

    A soothing voice echoed in his head, “You, will represent evolution. You, shall be a ward of Sang-La.”

    He began to lose consciousness, his eyes squinting and blurry with pain. He attempted to focus on his arm, which was sprouting fur and rippling muscle.

    Lin darted through the thick forest of Caldavar, Zhen Zhen at her side. They bursted into a small clearing, a thick wall of foliage blocked their advancement.

    Lin shut her eyes and took a deep breath, turning around to face the Daemon.

    Zhen Zhen growled, digging his claws into the soft ground.

    An intense thud echoed throughout the clearing, Lin jerked to the right, adrenaline surging as she saw a warrior standing at her side, dust rising from where he had thrusted his bamboo staff into the ground. It was Pandamonium.

    Lin did not falter. A grin slowly crept across her face. In that moment, she understood her purpose. They were wards of Sang La, and Nature was to rule once again.

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    I got a story but I am so bad at making it sound nice. lol
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    In the snowy mountains of Sang-La, two small panda cubs were left in the snow, abandoned by their parents. A native woman of the Sang-La mountains found these two panda cubs and fostered them as hero own. As they grew, one became like her, developing the abilities to walk like a human and talk like a human. She named this panda Pandamonium, as he was always creating chaos in her small house, atop the Sang-La mountains. Pandamonium became incredibly independent and, as he heard of the fighting happening in Newerth, he quickly left the woman's side to help the Legion in their battle against the Hellbourne. As he left them, his words were;
    "Thank you for everything you have done for me and my brother. And always remember, Yes I am indeed a talking panda."
    And with that he departed from the mountain house that he called home and set off on his long treck to Newerth, to the Forests of Caldevar, Grimms Crossing and to Victory!
    The teary departure of Pandamonium from Sang-La proved deeply saddening to the other panda, named Pandasoul, who has remained with her since he was found, left out in the cold. He has seen what Pandamonium leaving did to their beloved owner. She was distraught, in tears and she refused to leave their mountain house for weeks. He has seen what a panda leaving would do to his owner so he became loyal to her. He would never leave her side and decided, whatever happened, that they would be together in life, and in death. Now, they too have come to Newerth to help Pandamonium and the Legion in their efforts against the Hellbourne.

    GL&HF to everyone who has entered / will enter <3
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    According to the panda prophecy,a panda who will become the strongest panda will fight evil Maliken and cause war end.When the elder pandas explain to pandamonium that he is that panda in prophecy he was scared and abandon Sang-La mountain.In the next 10 years panda improves himself and become master fighter.After 20 years past,when he regret he come back to his homeland Sang-La mountain he saw all his kind was already perished by hellbourne.At the moment,he lost all his hopes.But interestingly he hear a voice.After he track the source of that sound he reach to the hidden elder panda sanctuary that he didnt know before.There was a small girl and dead baby panda.She was upset for that baby panda.Becase she has tried to save him but she failed.Somehow baby pandas body disappear.And a panda spirit which belongs to that baby panda appear and become linked with her.In the next 17 year, panda teach him his martial art to her.At the end,panda explain to her that she has to move on her own path.Now she fight for legion with aid of her best friend panda spirit Zhen Zhen.And help them to end the war

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    Not long before Pandamonium the last of the great warrior monks took up arms and joined the fight against the hellbourne he would go for long walks in the bamboo grove meditating on what to do in these darkening times. Usually nothing out of the ordinary would happen during these long walks, but one day while walking by the side of the river he heard the cries of a small panda cub and beeing the noble beast he is he rushed towards the sound to see what was going on. On the ground next to a tree he saw a girl lying there malnourished with a panda cub sitting in the grass next to her, when he aproached the panda turned around and raised itself standning like a human trying to protect the girl. Pandamonium looked at it in awe thinking about the great bond between them, he walked over and lifted the girl up. The next day the girl woke up lying in the grass. Next to a fire sat a large black and white figure, he turned around and looked at her. After a long silence they began to talk, the girl Lin told her story to pandamonium about how she was banished from the village, and a few days later she had seen fire rising from the village. After the girl fell asleep he decided to head for the village. The sight was enough to force his decision, he was going to war, But first he had a girl to take care off. After two full moons had passed Pandamonium decided it was time, when Lin Woke up that day there was no large black and white figure by the fire.

    Now Lin and zhen zhen are heading out to join the monk that saved their life battlefield.

    Gl to everyone who participates
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    For eons, a reclusive band of beast-monks has honed their ancient ways on the steep slopes of the Sang-La mountains. After a particularly hard winter that caused great famine in the surrounding lowlands, a human child was found abandoned on the steps of the monastery.

    The child was taken in by the monks and taught their ways. She was given to the youngest of their order, a skilled warrior named Pandamonium, as his student. But though she was born in the cold, a terrible fire burned within her. She grew strong, yet wild and fierce. No meditation, no calligraphy lesson, no martial drilling could truly satisfy her soul when there were paths to run in the snowy forests or wild beasts whose ways she might learn. Before long, the monks whispered that she was born with the spirit of the mountain itself. Pandamonium devoted all his knowledge to her instruction, but to no avail. The mountain is made of stone, and will not bend. It may break if strained, but Pandamonium could not find it in his heart to break this child he had raised from a babe.

    The monks, who so valued discipline to control their beast natures, soon grew uneasy with this wild human. They decreed that Pandamonium had failed. He had by this time grown great in the order, and he begged the council to reconsider, but to no avail. The girl, now a grown woman, was exiled, and Pandamonium did not hear from his student for many years.

    But then came the demons, who all but destroyed the ancient order. On the field of battle, the master seeks his former student, and under his tutelage, PANDASOUL and her great panda strike fear into the Hellborne, and the monks of Sang-La do great deeds once again.
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