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    Friendly neighborhood gamer in need of help :C

    Greetings fellow MOBA players,

    I am currently conducting a research on behavior in MOBA games and I am in need of your assistance! I prepared an online-survey which will only take 5 to 10 minutes to fill in.
    Your participation is much appreciated.

    Yours faithfully,
    Another MOBA fanatic

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    Done annnnnd done. I would appreciate being forwarded the purpose of the study as well as the finalized paper and results via PM when you are all done.

    I would provide constructive criticism to your survey to help improve those in the future, but I do not know your goals etc :X

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    Done! Felt it was lacking some alternatives here and there, and some did not quite make sense Are you going to post the results here when done?

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    Could you tell me what parts were lacking alternatives and which parts didn't make sense? Much obliged;3 [S2]Sell I left you a PM
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    Done. Good luck.

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    Thank you;3 I am very grateful for all your input. I wasn't actually hoping I would get this many replies in this short amount of time, but DANG im getting teary T_T
    I guess gamers got each others back;3

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    Annnnd, done.

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    Behavior in MOBA(s)
    Your response has been recorded.
    There was so much stuff with feel.

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    I added a Survey information page for clarification;3 GOD im just sitting here waiting for responses xD

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    tried to go back one page once and it cut me off the website.
    nevermind though, second page made no sense.

    of course no one likes to lag or disconnect, but it all depends on the situation. i love it when my feeding teammate disconnects, i hate it when it's our mid player at start.

    as for myself, i don't play games that lag too much or crash every 5th game.

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    Done. Good luck my friend.

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    Some people are actually accustomed to the lag and have become tolerant towards it. For example, players in internet cafes lag all the time. However if you rarely lag it should bother you since you are not used to it.

    I had to quit HoN for quite some time, because my graphic card and the HoN client decided to go for a divorce :\

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    I saw the words "tank" and "champion" and was not pleased.

    RIP IN PEACE sig

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    I filled out everything very thoroughly and liked the questions until i ran into "Did not select a champion" so I had to ragequit.


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    Behavior in MOBA(s)
    Your response has been recorded.

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    Once more thank you for your input, I am sorry for using the word "champion". My english was not proficient enough to come up with an generic alternative when I made the survey. I changed it to Avatar;3

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    I laughed at the question: "How intimidated do you feel when the enemy team counterpicks your avatar?" Nothing counters Scout. Scout counters everything.

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    yeah, :C i remember me and my friends fighting over that guy and rushing the pick.... poor graphic card :\ i never won OTL

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    just woke up saw responses its great;3 so far thanks alot

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