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    Throwback Avatar Update (Edit in description)


    First off, I apologize for the lack of Avatars thus far. I have been trying my best to get them to you guys and have been met with quite a few obstacles on my way. They are coming to your account very soon (realistically by the end of tomorrow or Thursday) and I hope you guys can forgive the delay.

    To sooth your appetite, I wanted to let you guys know that there were 850,000 games played at over the time frame of the event. I will inform you guys of the 5 people who played the most games over the course of the 2 weeks and, as a redemption for taking so long with these avatars, I will give those top 5 an extra gift from S2

    Congratulations, NA/EU has successfully beaten the previous week's peak concurrent users which means that 100 random people who played this weekend will receive either deconstructor tempest or DJ Rap City.

    Thank you to everyone who played and keep playing until June 3rd to continue to earn Throwback Avatars (they will all be retroactively added to your account on June 3rd)

    We were experiencing some problems with the alts and the match rewards. We took down the contest from the system but will retroactively be giving you rewards for the games you've played this weekend. Keep playing and you will earn your alts (just a little delayed )


    Let’s push things forward. Not one step forward, I’m talking “next level” forward. Let’s put aside our differences and join together for the greater good; supports and carries, solo and team queue-rs, noob and pro. We’ve heard talk that HoN is getting stagnant and not growing but we know full well that that is BS. So let’s prove those naysayers wrong, come together and BEAT THE PEAK. Yeah, I said it. BEAT THE PEAK. Its as simple as that.

    I challenge YOU, the HoN community, to beat the peak users that we got last weekend. Now, I think I know you guys well enough to say that with enough incentive, anything can be accomplished.

    For me, the incentive of proving those other MOBAs wrong is enough for me. For those who require a bit more, my incentive to you is the nostalgia of sporting the throwback skins of all your favorite avatars!

    For every 2 games that you play, you will be able to earn a Throwback Avatar starting with the ones that were already given out (for those of you that missed out on the previous contest). Here is the order that you’ll earn them:
    Valkyrie - Moon Queen - Accursed - Blood Hunter - Puppet Master - Swiftblade - Sand Wraith - Wildsoul - War Beast - Andromeda - Deadwood - Defiler - Devourer - Glacius - Keeper of the Forest - Legionnaire - Madman - Magebane - Martyr - Night Hound - Ophelia - Pebbles - Pharaoh - Scout - Slither - Soulstealer - Succubus - Tempest - Dark Lady - Torturer

    Now those are some cool prizes but if you all help us in achieving the goal then 100 lucky random people that played this during this weekend will receive an exclusive avatar, either DJ Rap City or Deconstructor Tempest.

    Abbreviated Rules

    • I, AceJR, challenge you, the community, to beat last weekend’s CCU
    • Log on and play this weekend, preferably during peak times:
      • May 24th, 12:00pm (Noon) EST to May 26th, 6:00pm EST (18:00 - 24:00 CEST)

    • For every 2 games played starting at Friday, May 17th, 12:00 pm EDT (18:00 pm CEST) until Monday, June 3rd, 12:00 am EDT(6:00 am CEST) you will earn a Throwback Avatar as listed above.
    • If you come together and accomplish this task over the WEEKEND then 100 people can earn a Bonus reward which will be
      • 50 Deconstructor Tempest Avatars
      • 50 DJ Rap City Avatars

    • These Avatars will randomly be gifted to players who played during the weekend of this challenge.

    Important Dates and Deadlines

    • Throwback Avatars will be available to earn starting May 17th at 12:00 pm EDT (18:00 CEST) until June 3rd at 12:00 am EDT (6:00 am CEST)
    • Beat the Peak challenge will occur over this weekend from May 24th to May 26th


    Throwback avatar for every 2 games played.
    Dj Rap City or Deconstructor Tempest randomly given to 100 people who complete the challenge if we break last weekend’s peak CCU.
    Last edited by AceJR; 06-04-2013 at 05:31 PM.

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    Adam "AceJR" Martinazzi | HoN Community Manager

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    I have already Dj rap city,
    and I don't play often with tempest.
    But well, this is a good one .

    Even if i was expected a Global Challenge like last year with some uniques prizes (like taunts and others )
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    Hardcore player. Always improve his gameplay. Never rage against anyone than himself for being weak.

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    I need DJ Rap City, Rhapsody is my best hero ^^

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    Eh, throwback avatars :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaitSith View Post
    I have already Dj rap city,
    and I don't play often with tempest.
    But well, this is a good one .

    Even if i was expected a Global Challenge like last year with some uniques prizes (like taunts and others )
    cool story bra
    The sadness in the following events were unfortuently NOT from a 1300 EM but infact from a 1600+ game.

    When I thought I had seen it all, someone introduce the brand new Forest Slayer. HoN never ceases to amaze me.

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    2 games of Matchmaking Midwars or Matchmaking Stats!? OR BOTH!?

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    Does midwarz and casual games count?

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    If it has to be normal mode I'll pass. I only have fun in casual and midwars now.

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    checking time EU HERE

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    Does Midwars counts ?

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    Midwar Y/N??????????????

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    60 games ?

    Or will there be several chances to earn these?
    And what if I have the previous throwback avatars, do I continue along the list?
    Spent 450+ dollars on this game and no MsPudding announcer, bring it back please.

    Me sad all day

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    Jeez thats so lame... going desperate maybe?

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    so, what was the last weekends peek that we must beat?

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    This sounds cool! I love some of the older avatars, actually I much prefer some of them! Ill try my best to get them all and beat the peak .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ceriss View Post
    so, what was the last weekends peek that we must beat?
    153.000 players online.

    Compare HoN with other moba games at the HoN Rosetta Stone
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    When does it start?

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    Does mid wars games count for skins?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alonzo View Post
    When does it start?
    it already started 53 minutes ago

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