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    My First and Last forum thread

    Hey forum,
    For those who dont know me I am Pontus Frost also known as NoX. I have been apart of Q sQuad for almost 1 year now.
    We have been the team that arguable played the most and been togerhere as 5 for the longest time. But now it was time to face the fact.
    We failed to qualify for gsl and vegas with one game and placed fourth in rankings of hontour, and now failed to qualify for dhs.
    I have had alot of good times both online and irl with my team and dont regret at all joining or staying with the team for this long.
    But it comes to one point when I couldnt justify playing this much and prioritising away alot of my irl life when the resluts just wasnt there.
    I want to thank all of our fans that allways been suportive and my all of my team members for this time.
    Jascha,jonas,markus,kris and milan. I consider you all of you close friends.
    Exuse my english.

    NoX signing out Check out Jaschas statment might cover abit more ground.
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    Good luck to your future encounters and events NoX! It was nice to see you play in HoN. =]

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    Good luck with whatever you choose to do in life NoX! Sad to see you go :/

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    Really sad to see the disband, you guys were awesome. None the less good luck in the future!

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    Thanks for what have you done in the community and competitive HoN and best of luck man.

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    Thanks for everything, was fun! :]

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    =( there goes my favorite team *cries*

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    Dammit, QsQ was my fav team too. Would have been nice to see a true underdog story rise from you guys.

    Best of luck in the future!

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    Goodluck nox, I enjoyed your play style on stream and competitive.

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    Best spirited team with positive attitude and good manners. It's sad to see you disband and leave, but man knows when he needs a change.

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    Good luck on everything you do guys...

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    best of luck team QsQ

    ps. kris go grandmaster or go home
    I'm TRYING to love HoN

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    Thanks for everything that you guys have been an icon for – first and foremost respect and manners!
    It has been a quite enjoyable thing to look back to the start of the QsQ project and see what you where able to develop and take from it.

    Sad for the scene and the best of wishes!

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    Tbh, kind of happy that QsQ is disbanding.

    There is so much individual talent on this team, but it seems like it just never worked out with all 5 of you. Hope to see most of these players stick with hon and make more top tier teams in the scene.

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    QsQ had a fun run, it started of with NoVa deciding to stick with HoN after a brutal streak of dominance over the land of Newerth with his previous team Fnatic. Literally everyone believed whatever team NoVa picked up would continue to dominate the scene just as Fnatic had.

    Though at that very point of HoNs competitive scene several teams rose to greatness, teams that have later been surpassed by other teams. QsQ missed out on the first spot just barely and assumed the role of an underdog, they've faced a ton of hardships losing out just barely over and over. In the HoNTour we saw them beat literally every team coming out of the loser bracket and starting off with two consecutive games against stayGreen in the grand finals. Though for whatever reasons, maybe it was just plain to late for the europeans, SG managed to pull through and win two games of their own landing the score at 3-2, which marked the start of sGs dominance.

    QsQ though? They hung in there, they kept practicing, they failed to qualify, kept practicing. Finally they had another terrific tournament @The Runic Shift, only to lose to sG in the finals BUT being by far the team coming closer than anyone to beating the ruling champions of HoN.

    Now those DCx douchebags had to pound on them when their team morality is at its lowest. :@
    Though hey, Superman, Batman, The Green Lantern. Do I need to go on? Newerth lacks Kryptonite, you can't beat those guys.

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    Good luck in the future Pontus!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arozonic View Post
    Literally everyone believed whatever team NoVa picked up would continue to dominate the scene just as Fnatic had.

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