Thread: FAQ about the Patch: Dispelling Patch Myths

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    FAQ about the Patch: Dispelling Patch Myths

    Welcome all! HoN 3.1 is out and we wanted to create a thread
    where you can find all the answers to hot questions and
    topics about the patch!

    Chat servers

    Today, 11:14 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by `CAZZETTE` View Post
    I just did the patch , but i cant play on MatchMAKING because i cant log-in to chat server !
    Today, 11:22 AM

    Quote Originally Posted by Buro View Post
    Working now~!

    Bound Eye

    Quote Originally Posted by GayCarlWhite View Post
    You really had the nerve to imply it doesn't take skill to play support?
    Also, What the **** were S2 thinking with these Eye nerfs?
    This change actually says that it does take lots of skill to play support and we don't want someone to be able to buy a bound eye and simply sweep all the wards that a support took time and effort to effectively place.

    The eye nerf is actually a nerf to countering skilled supports.

    Item Chests

    Quote Originally Posted by King_Tiger View Post
    + Items that enemies cannot use will be unable to be seen by the enemy when dropped. This is done in order to help prevent trolling and games being decided by something so small.
    - Items you own on the ground in a Chest are now invisible to the enemy players
    - Chests now have a new larger glow effect to make them easier to spot
    - Chests with items owned by your team are now visible through fog at all times
    can someone explain better?Really i am confused
    Quote Originally Posted by Idejder View Post
    Anytime you drop an item on the ground, be it a Logger's Hatchet or Shrunken Head, only YOUR TEAM can see them. The enemy team sees nothing. Even if you put them down in the middle of the enemy lane, they can't see your items. They are yours.

    They also have a new big glow/beam effect on them to make them easier to see. The old effects were very subtle and people could miss the items on the ground.

    The last change makes it so that you can always see items you own no matter where they are on the map. If you drop an item in the enemy jungle and leave it there, later in the game you can find it by looking in the enemy jungle and still see your item there through fog. It doesn't give any vision, just lets you see itself.

    I hope that helps.
    Quote Originally Posted by CrankyBuddha View Post
    Between the change where heroes cant see your chests, and you can see them through the fog at all times, I have a question- Do they give any vision where they sit, or do you ONLY see the item overlayed over the fog of war?

    I ask because I can see someone buying, say, a tengu or mana pot, and setting it on a ward spot, and having an uncounterable rune ward the entire game, if they actually give any vision at all.

    Good question CrankyBuddha. The item doesn't give any vision at all. Only the item itself is visible through the fog of war and give no vision on anything else (such as the rune, even if its sitting right on top of it)

    Radial Dial Ping

    Quote Originally Posted by FlameStick View Post
    Can you please add a option in the menu to remove that voice? Its a nice feature but god damn the voice is annoying.

    If anyone can make a quick mode or some command or anything would be appriciated!
    Quote Originally Posted by AceJR View Post
    Yes, you can remove it!

    Go to Options->Sounds->Mute pings!

    EA Models

    Quote Originally Posted by shimin View Post
    No EA model, so the avatar is no value for me. I am waiting long time for some limit avatar or gold avatar. Can S2 make more gold avatar for us?

    Hey guys, actually the Debut Edition avatar for Sir Benzington is Sir Terrowin (Goblin avatar)! It is only available for a limited time and is very similar to the old EA model!

    Wards of Revelation

    Quote Originally Posted by XcstacyKraZy View Post
    Wards of Revelation
    + The biggest reason for Revelation Wards being unavailable at the start was because of Neutral creep pulling being so strong. Revelation Wards are brought back with the new lane dynamic change since there is no longer a large enough reason to have them removed. Being worth some gold now helps with the ward battles.
    - Two can now be purchased at the start of the game
    - Now worth 25 gold when killed
    - You can now see the radius around Neutral camps that would block respawns when you're placing a ward (Both Wards of Revelation and Wards of Sight)

    Copy Pasting whatever S2 admin typed

    So my question will be , wouldnt it significantly affect the impact of junglers ?

    Ex : Support can just buy the 2 ward of reveal to block camps , oppo has to either re-route to the opposite jungle to start off with , or wait for their support to counter ward it . Ward of revelation spawn(rebuy spawn) is shorter than its duration , so supports can literally spam them to block the camp in early game/early laning phase ( whatever its called ) to screw up the junglers like warbeast etc and force them to go for hard camp at level 1.

    Edit : Getting a Ward of Revelation (100) to counter another Ward of Revelation(25 if you kill them) doesnt really sound appealing to supports/whoever bought the counter wards

    Answers / Explanations would be much appreciated . Trolls are advised to f off .

    Thank You
    Quote Originally Posted by Pandaroohoo View Post
    To answer your question, yes you are capable of blocking enemy Jungler's spawns if you're willing to spend the extra gold and risk of exploring their jungle. Keep in mind however, with the new radius shown around the Neutral Camps, it will also be easier for the Jungler's team to counter ward these blocked pulls. If the 25g incentive isn't enough for a Ward of Revelation, then go after a Ward of Sight, a much better investment and denial of vision.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rolighed View Post
    Hello everyone i have a question reguarding the new patch. It says "If the Courier dies, all items will be dropped normally. However, only consumables and shareable items that are dropped can be seen by enemies. The rest are invisible to enemies." Does that mean if you have a Ward of revelation that you can see and destory the dropped items?

    No, you cannot see the items dropped by the enemy team even with a ward of rev.

    Pebbles Group Chuck and 50% bonus Silver Coins

    Quote Originally Posted by Hellguard94 View Post
    Hello S2 and other forum members!

    Frist of all, congratiulations on patch 3.1, i really like it. Alot of heroes and items are changed. That was a hard work huh?

    Now, lets get to the point. I played yesterday with a friend game with pebbles, he is awesome on 3.1, Staff of the Master is added that is great!
    Now he can chunk up to 3 targets BUT i need to use R for that. I used to blink,Q,W so somehow when i do it in hurry i do not use R when i got Staff of the Master.
    So can you replace Chunk with 3 people chunk when you get staff?
    Or maybe this is a bad idea, because sometimes i dont want to do 3 people chunk but still..

    So guys what do you think about it? Good or bad idea?

    Oh and by the way, i didnt recived like 50+ silver coins from yesterdays 3-4 games. Not much, but still i want to buy name color Will that be fixed soon?

    Kind regards!
    The idea is as you mentioned. We want to give people the opportunity to use the original combo, with its original feel(q+w), then give the option (really fun option at that) to use the 3 person chuck when you upgrade to the staff of the masters. Yes, this may be a tad different than most are used to but it was the best way that we found to both, keep the original feel of the combo and add in the new 3 man chuck!

    As for the 50% silver, the first few games yesterday were not giving them out so we found the issue and had the silver retroactively added to your accounts. If you believe that you still haven't received the silver than email and they should be able to help you out.


    Quote Originally Posted by ImKaZee View Post
    I love HoN as much as the next person, but this new patch changed the game to much. I absolutely do not like how if you don't pubtrain now you will most likely lose because of the Exp/Gold you get for killing heroes blows farming creeps out of the water. That is the one unique thing that I really liked about HoN is how important the creeps actually were unlike LoL or Dota2. I just felt i had to speak my mind I know a lot of people would agree with me.
    Quoting myself from a previous thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by DOGKaiser View Post
    There are two things increasing hero kill gold:
    Increased the gold given per level of a Hero from 5 to 10
    Heroes will now be worth more gold depending on their GPM compared to the average GPM of the game. A Hero can be worth up to 50% more. Kill streak and first blood are not affected.

    If your team is losing due to snowball the most likely outcome is that you are worth 5*your level more gold. Hero kills were worth between 205-325 gold, after the patch you are worth between 210-450 +100 if you reach 50% extra gpm. Casual mode hero kills are worth between 410-650 +200 if you reach 50% extra gpm.

    Many ganking heroes were buffed in this patch, along with the rune of refreshment added, and experience for hero kills which will also increase ganking. This something definitely on our radar if the game has gone too far in favor of ganking. And if it's determined that the game has gone too far it will be toned back.

    MORE TO COME....
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