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    IMPORTANT! - Hero Release Schedule Change

    As we near the third anniversary of Heroes of Newerth in May, I wanted to address everyone in the community about several important changes taking place at S2. As a company, we are changing the way we think about HoN and charting a new course regarding how we develop the game we all know and love.

    You have probably noticed that there was no Hero Teaser released this past Friday. This was due to a shift in our release schedule corresponding with the huge patch we're releasing in the next few weeks. Not only will you see our newest Hero in that patch, but also some very exciting new content that has been in the works for a very long time.

    While we've hinted in the past that a big balance patch is set for release at the conclusion of the HoN Tour Grand Finals, we realize the effect that wait has had on the community. We know that everyone in the HoN community is hungry to see what's next and it brings us a great sense of pride to see how vocal everyone has been leading up to this point.

    With this big patch, we've focused on delivering what hardcore HoN players want like never before with impactful, exciting changes that fuel the way everyone plays HoN. We are very excited to share just how massive an effect this patch will have on the future development of HoN. We are going to be setting a new precedent for how we deliver game-changing content to HoN and streamlining our development process to further feed your hunger in the future.

    In the past we've discussed how the HoN community fuels our development and that holds true now more than ever. We welcome and encourage your suggestions and feedback everyday. This is especially true in threads such as those started by our product manager, Buro, about Improving HoN. We're listening to these suggestions, but more importantly we want to show you the impact those suggestions have on us as developers and the HoN community at large.

    For a short glimpse of what's coming to HoN, we've prepared the teaser trailer below. We're all systems go over here at S2 Games and ready to fuel your competitive spirits further with HoN 3.1 arriving May 3rd.

    Game HoN!

    S2 Games: Dedicated employees serving dedicated gamers. Continuous development. Never-ending improvement.


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    So the Early Access is gone?

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    hmm, looking forward to it

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    Sounds awesome, can't wait.
    Retail Candidate Testers are not S2 Games employees. Nevermind you probably have no idea what RCT is.

    Anyway you can apply here, and read about it here.
    Don't hesitate to report all of your teammates using the RaP function.

    Open a thread for everything you can think of and just ignore the Forum Rules.

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    Pebbles new SoTM effect - Throws multiple units? O.o

    And a new rune?
    Quote Originally Posted by Monori
    I for one also seem to always have four monkeys on my team, while the opposing team have five asian players playing like it was the grand finale of hontour. But that's no reason to be offensive Mr. FreshM8. Not everyone can be superman in the Heroes of Newerth. You have to respect the other players, despite not being born on the planet of Krypton. If it's such a burden for you, assemble the rest of Justice League, and set up a good five versus five matchmaking. That way you'll have better odds for a fair match! However, remember that even a superman needs a break at times, so stop playing for a while if it becomes too much, and return at a later time!

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    Inb4 Peb OP.
    Under Construction

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    EA.... G..gone? F...for real?

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    I guess this means no more new heroes. Or they will just limit to exclusive alts that you can buy for 1 month only.
    I don't think I like this. This will just be another hype where S2 will fail to deliver, that's my prediction.

    Good thing they will destroy EA, horrible company, look at what they've done to SimCity!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ledenial View Post
    Did Pebbles just throw 2 people? No EA? And new... was that really goodlooking ward?
    Looks interesting!
    iHipster beat me to the correction. Looks like an epic new rune

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maliken View Post
    Not only will you see our newest Hero in that patch, but also some very exciting new content that has been in the works for a very long time.
    Are we finally seeing official support of custom maps?

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    EA gone? Nice! And this doesn't actually tell us what the hero release changes are going to be.

    I am seriously hoping it slows down a lot.. 116~ heroes with another per month is just absurd. IMO a hero should be introduced when S2 wants to accomplish something I.E. create para when you are after a counter jungler/trilane strat hero.

    Want to swap shake up the pubtrain or teampush meta. Give a nice hero with antipush/counter push mechanics. But we don't need a new hero every month that has no new role.

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    Crap, I REALLY hope EA isn't gone. I love paying for new heroes ahead of time that only I and maybe 1-2 other people maximum per game can even pick. Then I can actually ****ing play it when it's released.

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    hmm weird... your making pebbles Op OP OP....

    or are you changing abilities on a lot of heroes?

    Like I have said in the past you should fix your ranking system not work on more heroes... no offence but new players and smurfs should not start at 1500 they should start at the bottom and work there way up because your killing the 1400-1600s because of new accounts being made so often.

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    So Pebbles got a buff. I dont get how that could make this patch look like a balance patch then when one of the strongest heroes in the game just got a buff. Or am i just stupid and the scene is there for fun?

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    Can you tell us Maliken, it will be touch on the enigne / game requirments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chime View Post
    So Pebbles got a buff. I dont get how that could make this patch look like a balance patch then when one of the strongest heroes in the game just got a buff. Or am i just stupid and the scene is there for fun?
    you don't know what exactly they did change on him, becasuse they did show only one spell that doesn't mean the only spell got changed, imo it will throw more units depending on ulti level but they won't deal 2x W damage (just that increased damage by ulti anyway...)

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