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    Lightbulb HoN Community - Vote for top 5 needed improvements. (+270 Voters atm.)

    ** Top 5 - Vote Now! **
    Click to see s2 response
    Rumor goes that the top 5 most voted suggestions will be forwarded to s2-administration.
    So vote for your favourites!

    Milestones Achieved
    50 voters, 100 voters, 150 voters, 200 voters, 250 voters
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    I got inspired by a thread in GD and therefore i made a thread with a table sheet and some suggestions.
    Feel free to either add a suggestion or vote - I will try to be more active with adding new suggestions to the list.
    *If you find links for suggestions, please post them aswell. (You will be added to the "special thanks to" list)

    [Note] - It's only allowed to vote once. I will not count several votes, on same suggestion, from same user.!!

    01. Possible Solution: Improved Clan System Ingame.
    02. Possible Solution: Deathmatch.
    03. Possible Solution: More bans for midwars.
    04. Possible Solution: Improve MM system.
    05. Possible Solution: Changes to Account Levels.
    06. Possible Solution: Replay improvements (Watch Replay with other players / friends).
    07. Possible Solution: Minigames during queue.
    08. Possible Solution: More than one person spectating.
    09. Possible Solution: New maps like 3v3v3v3, with it's own hidden MMR.
    10. Possible Solution: Custom Maps Support.
    11. Possible Solution: Increase the number of Heroes which can use "Staff Of The Master" (SOTM).
    12. Possible Solution: Add Wards to Match Result Screen.
    13. Discussion Concerning Suggestion: Improvement to Hero Aesthetics.
    14. Discussion Concerning Suggestion: Better bots.
    15. Discussion Concerning Suggestion: More Game Modes.
    16. (No suggestion/discussion found) Fantasy HoN Beta Formula.
    17. (No suggestion/discussion found) A chat wheel (Like Dota 2).
    18. (No suggestion/discussion found) Improved Chat/Channel System.
    19. (No suggestion/discussion found) Improving Taunt System (example. several taunts in a row).
    20. (No suggestion/discussion found) Watch Tower as a 6v6 map for MatchMaking.
    21. (No suggestion/discussion found) Two additional inventory slots, for wards and rev wards/dust.
    22. (No suggestion/discussion found) A Bind for the courier in the options menu.
    23. (No suggestion/discussion found) Make an option for Old-Avatar icons to be enabled, in the picking phase.
    01. Votes: 133 - Custom Maps. (10)
    02. Votes: 115 - Improve MM system. (4)
    03. Votes: 92 - New maps like 3v3v3v3. (9)
    04. Votes: 88 - Improved Clan System Ingame. (1)
    05. Votes: 84- More than one person spectating. (8)
    06. Votes: 74 - Increased "Staff Of The Master" Usage. (11)
    07. Votes: 67 - Deathmatch. (2)
    08. Votes: 61 - Changes to Account Levels. (5)
    09. Votes: 47 - More Game Modes. (15)
    10. Votes: 46 - Minigames during queue. (7)
    11. Votes: 42 - Ward Column at Match Result Screen. (12)
    12. Votes: 39 - Replay improvements. (6)
    13. Votes: 31 - Improvement to Hero Aesthetics. (13)
    14. Votes: 31 - A chat wheel. (17)
    15. Votes: 30 - More bans for midwars. (3)
    16. Votes: 11 - Improve Taunt System. (19)
    17. Votes: 8 - Fantasy HoN Beta. (16)
    18. Votes: 6 - Two additional inventory slots, for wards and rev wards/dust. (21)
    19. Votes: 6 - 6v6 map for MatchMaking. (20)
    20. Votes: 5 - Improved Chat/Channel System. (18)
    21. Votes: 5 - Better bots. (14)
    22. Votes: 2 - A bind for the courier in the options menu. (22)
    23. Votes: 1 - Get Old-Avatar icons back in the picking phase. (23)

    So the only thing you have to do is to respond with the top 5 numbers your favourite improvements is. Like this :
    My top 5 is:
    1) 1
    2) 10
    3) 5
    4) 9
    5) 13
    Mana Cost (items, spells) is visible.
    Votes: 84 - Persistant Groups.
    Votes: 24 - Ready check in TMM before game launch.

    I will keep the count sheet updated as frequently as possible :-)

    Special thanks to:
    Edhemelus -For helping me bump this thread and for telling people how to vote (with more).

    People who contributed to this thread: Count: 269
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    ** Dont hesitate to message me with ideas that can further develop this thread.
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    Vote for my suggestion: Improved Clan Management Ingame

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    Wai...wai is everyone taking my thread...Oh well, you are doing it right anyways. And not a moment too soon, as we will get a balnce patch in april.

    Improvement to Hero Aesthetics.
    -Reason: LoL has completely redone Karma, a champion that did not synergize with her aethetic looks, spells, and playstyle. This full hero revamp is something needed in HoN.
    Last edited by IsmaelVera; 03-29-2013 at 08:39 PM.
    My goal is for at least one of my heroes to be ported into HoN! Help my cause and get S2 to see these!
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    An additional Matchmaking Mode for Normal HoN games that isn't based on MMR, you can join and play without worrying about stats, but you don't have to filter through all the no stats public servers and wait for people blah blah blah... just make it easier for people to actually Play the game without having to worry about the stress of playing for stats and mmr...where you'll find a smurf more often than not. As well as giving players who are in different brackets than their friends a way to play together and get better, This would give new players and more casual players a more efficient way to actually get better at playing in TMM. Just Queue people together by level and verified status and game mode(AR-AP-SD-ETC). We could use this imo because the learning curve of HoN is ridiculously high, and when you're brand new and want to just play normal HoN... without the experience necessary to find a public no stats game... you're forced into either playing a hard game against smurfs where you'll usually get dumpstered and flamed and nothing positive will happen, or a casual game where you're not actually learning how to play HoN just a faster easier non balanced mode of hon where you'll eventually switch out of and be at a disadvantage... again... if we had a TMM that would be default for new players, a standard, account level based TMM that didn't provide mmr just experience points and silver coins, as well as NECESSARY GAME EXPERIENCE FOR NEW PLAYERS. PLEASE ACE JR if there's one thing you see from this thread, see this.

    I don't need to see many new things in hon, this is an amazing game and i love the fast-paced, high competitive action, but i would love to have that action not determined by the people i play with... meaning that, If i am worried about my MMR(because i want to play with better players/get better myself/challengemyself) i want to play with people who are also aiming for this same goal... my 2nd option would help this because the people who are just playing for fun would be separate from the people playing for MMR. (or kdr/apm/gpm/etc.)

    (Taken from my post in Baumi's Thread)
    Prophet for profit. BGOD

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    Definately more than one person spectating. Im getting fed up when i call some of my friends on skype to know that theyre already playing HoN, but i cant spec them because someone else already is doing it. There should just be a limit of spectators PER GAME instead of PER PLAYER. A limit like 10 players, which it basically already is. And lets be honest here, how many times does it happen that there are more than 2 spectators in a game?
    10 points à Malta

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    My top 5:
    Persistent groups (10)
    More modes for midwars (6)
    More spectators (8)
    Better clan management (1)
    Hosting replays (11)
    Spent 450+ dollars on this game and no MsPudding announcer, bring it back please.

    Me sad all day

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    1) 4
    2) 7
    3) 11
    4) 10
    5) 9
    "Our ports will block out the sun."

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    do you need to have a life to be able to live somewhere?
    You should have looked at those tier 1 misc suggestions that got put in an archive. cause none of the top of most needed changes is on your list
    -anti smurf filter (minimum 200games played)
    -ready check (filter and possibly punish [email protected] phase)
    -kill streak indicator
    -mana cost above skills

    The idea itself is good though
    We can only hope that the new community manager listens more to the players and implements the top suggestions

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    If the interest is out there i could make a more accurate post with some of the top voted suggestions from the archieve / suggestion area.
    Vote for my suggestion: Improved Clan Management Ingame

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    And also, who the **** read suggestion thread anymore ? There are TONS of epic ideas for UI, gamemode, ranks, account levels, heroes, etc...

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    364 <-- my vote goes here

    even with voice >.>

    Why S2 don't put so much effort in this game? This looks so easy to be done.
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    Go through tier 1 ans archive of misc and shop.

    Add some of them to your list and links to the threads.

    This could get some extra traffic from gd to suggestions.

    Link for multi team matches

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    Death match! Yesssssssssssssssssss!

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    I'm keen for what someone suggested in the other thread, the ability to see exactly (preferably) or within a range of how many people are playing a game mode / map (say how many people are queuing for the same thing you are), people who play in off peak times or in AU will love this as sometimes you don't queue for what you want because it may well be futile.

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    10. The persistant groups for matchmaking and the option to invite people you played with to it.

    8. More than one person spectating

    1. Improved Clan System Ingame

    I don't really get this thread but these are the ones i would like lol.

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    My top 5 is:
    1) 5
    2) 4
    3) 9
    4) 11
    5) 7
    ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) but at what cost?!

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    We really really needs Friendly Fire.
    only 1 carry in our team? GG
    if we take 5 carries we will own them!

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    9, Interface remake (Manacosts, X-Party, HD minimap are mods that should be ingame and other improvements), one more map for 3v3 5v5.
    That's all I ask.

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    A Gentleman's Mode Option in Matchmaking - Where people are instantly banned from the mode for X amount of days whenever they utter words like "Noob", "Retard" or is otherwise flaming their own team.
    Check out my Vault if you are interested in my hero designs.

    Join us in Hero Drafts to help S2 make the heroes you want to play.

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    *Mana cost of skills, hero panels II, XShop + fully working readable guides.
    *Return of Legion vs Hellbourne gamemode.
    Custom Zombie Survival Map for HoN

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bangatron View Post
    Go through tier 1 ans archive of misc and shop.

    Add some of them to your list and links to the threads.

    This could get some extra traffic from gd to suggestions.

    Link for multi team matches
    This. As for OP, my order is: 1,3,8,10,11. Other suggestions i think aren't that important / will not get ported anyway.

    Also, wtf is "Accounts levels"?

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