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    Patch Notes - 3.0.5

    Version 3.0.5

    == New Content ==

    - Added new Wildsoul Alt Avatar: Dr.Beebo and Loofy
    * Thanks to the Grimoire of Power, Beebo the chiprel and Loofy have evolved into a new warrior breed of brains & brawn! If the remote-controlled Loofy doesn't get you, Dr. Beebo's ray gun and mech suit will!
    * Releases 3/15/2013

    - Added new Moraxus Alt Avatar: Morockus
    * Morockus was locked for years in a bottomless pit of rock and rubble by Behemoth. Re-emerging as hard and craggy as the stone that imprisoned him, he gains weapons and a shield as his abilities increase!
    * Releases 3/18/2013

    - Added new Dampeer Alt Avatar: Duchess Dampeer
    * Count Dampeer was impervious to the weakness of mortals--including ridiculous love--until Duchess opened his casket and stole his heart, refusing to return it until he proposed. Now they share picnickers and couples who take long walks on the beach.
    * Releases 3/20/2013

    - Added Throwback Alt Avatars: Throwback Accursed and Throwback Blood Hunter

    == Bots ==

    Bots now defend buildings
    - When a tower, melee barracks, or main base structure is low and has enemy heroes nearby, the teambotbrain will assign heroes to defend it based on proximity and their total lethality.
    - Defending Bots will move toward or teleport in to defend the building, and teamchat a message about it.
    - Defense now prioritizes defense targets based on value.
    - Defense targets that are unable to be properly defended will not be defended (unless it's the only one)

    Bots General
    - Added RhapsodyBot, a bot created by community member fane_maciuca!
    * fane_maciuca receives the coveted Robot Courier Award, 6400 gold coins, and his choice of Alt Avatar! Thank you!
    - Easy bots don't become more bold if they kill you often.
    - The GroupPush behavior now starts a push at 7-10 minutes in, and start again 3-6 minutes after the last push ended.

    Teleport changes
    - Teleports will now not all be clusetered at the same location.
    - After 5 minutes, bots will want to purchase 2 Homecomming Stones (one for teleporting to lane, one for defensive TPs)

    - Fixed an issue with AmunRaBot not overriding his HealAtWellBehavior correctly, and adjusted the logic to actually work

    - Removed a duplicate Firebrand and Geometer's Bane from her buy list; added Wingbow

    - Check the Bots Forum for bot scripting patch notes

    == Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

    - Artillery: Hitbox fixed so he gets pushed at a correct angle with push-based spells
    - Behemoth: Fissure fixed so it doesn't break channel abilities incorrectly
    - Cthulhuphant: Hook'em shield fixed so that the shield bar won't overflow if the target's HP exceeds 1200.
    - Emerald Warden: Alt Avatars fixed so that their traps have treewalking and thus they won't randomly displace themselves with the anti-stuck mechanism if they proc near trees
    - Empath: Illusory Veil fixed so it doesn't break channel abilities incorrectly
    - Legionnaire: Decapitates fixed animation
    - Lodestone: Lodestone Plates fixed so they don't have one less charge than it should
    - Monkey King: Wan Jin Slam mound fixed so it cannot be attacked
    - Puppet Master: Voodoo Puppet and Restoration Stone interaction fixed if you have 2 Puppets alive
    - Soulstealer: Soul Burst has been greatly optimized
    - War Beast: Battle Cry fixed so it does not interrupt your previously queued commands
    - Wildsoul: Corpse fixed so it doesn't stand still after dying while transformed

    - Fixed /dnd from not preventing IM's displaying in-game
    - Non-interrupting items and abilities will now no longer interrupt your movement, attack, or casting (e.g. Devourer's Decay will no longer cause your attack to stutter)
    - Kongor's minimap dot now always updates, even if your team didn't get vision of his pit
    - In-Game Shop: Fix for toggling the simple item view mode for the first time causing weird issues until you switched categories
    - Game Lobby: Fixed the kick and make ref spectator tips not disappearing when the buttons were clicked
    - Options: Fixed an error when changing model quality
    - Communicator: now checks to make sure gamechat exists before trying to send messages to it
    - News now uses correct effect for certain special heroes
    - News Fixed the news not appearing when re-logging and other situations
    - Communicator: Fixed modes with banning phases not properly switching to team chat
    - Fixed the tutorial not ending/disappearing when logging out
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