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    Patch Notes - 3.0.3

    Version 3.0.3

    == New Content ==

    - Added new Early Access Hero: Salomon the Djinn
    * The mighty Salomon is summoned by Ophelia to serve as the magical guardian of the Legion and to make sure the Hellbourne's wishes never come true
    * Releases 2/22/2013

    - Added a new Salomon Limited Edition Early Access Alt Avatar: Tengshe of the Soul Serpents
    * Tengshe is a brilliant military tactician fond of attacking both the head and tail of the army, a tactic mirrored in his double-ended battleaxe. He comes to Newerth in this Year of the Black Snake just in time!
    * Releases 2/22/2013

    - Added a new Salomon Premium Alt Avatar: Sharac the Riftreaver
    * When Valreia the Riftwalker unwittingly pulled Sharac into Newerth, the Riftreaver burned beneath the alien yellow orb in the sky and desired only to return to pure darkness. He sensed Grinex nearby; perhaps together they could regain the Rift--or create a new one.
    * Releases 2/22/2013

    - Added new Shadowblade Alt Avatar: Shadowbeast
    * Shadowbeast consumes the attributes of his victims and shifts his appearance to fit their strongest ability, then uses it to kill his next prey. So grab Shadowbeast and pay it forward, and look sweet doing it.
    * Releases 2/22/2013

    - Added new Solstice GOLD EDITION Alt Avatar: Guan Yu
    * The ancient gods return to Newerth! In moonlight the legendary general Guan Yu battles the Hellbourne as a loyal and righteous human warrior. But his true form is revealed when the sun rises and he becomes a glorious god adorned in fierce Dragon Armor.
    * Releases 2/25/2013

    - Added new Berzerker Alt Avatar: Gutbuster
    * When the Gutbuster Special Forces soldier had his hand lopped off going first through the breach, the Engineers asked if he wanted it replaced with a hook or an ax. "I have an ax," he said. "Give me a stout dwarven stein." Now there are many dead daemons who smell of Berzerker Ale.
    * Releases 2/27/2013

    == Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

    - Updated effects for Celsius
    - Updated effects for Time Lord Chronos
    - Fixed a memory leak in the Mac client
    - Fixed a minor detailed ability tooltip issue with Blood Hunter's Feast stating that the debuff lasted 1.5 seconds instead of the proper 1 second
    - Fixed being able to make the hero model rotate forever by holding the rotate button and then right-clicking
    - Fixed notification sounds defaulting to off on a fresh install
    - Fixed the Game channel not being joined when joining a matchmaking game
    - Fixed All chat being the default chat at hero selection when joining a matchmaking game
    - Fixed the news opening over other panels if you open them at a very precise time before the news finishes fading in
    - Fixed rolls/emotes from other channels showing up in in-game chat
    - Added high contrast visuals to Nullstone's passive effect to make it easier to see on certain avatars
    - Changed Barbed Armor's passive effect so that it ignores bone rotations and always points vertically
    - Updated Co-Op and PvP icons for matchmaking
    - Tiny pieces of foliage will no longer be created
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