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    Celsius / Den Mother / Savage Revenant | Videos

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    Love your work

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    Celsisu - 3/5 Cool design, but I really wish the effects were changed to not be chains and stuff...At the very least, could have used some colour changes for the attack projectile and some of the skills in addition to the Impalement.
    Den Mother - 1/5 I have no idea why they thought this would make a good War Beast avatar, but it's terrible. Ugly, unoriginal, and lame voice acting.
    Savage Revenant - 2/5 Not much more than recoloring, and the orange fiery effect seems poorly done. No change in colour for Defile, and the Mortification colour is the same as enemies and allies for some reason (not the same in the base revenant).

    Overall...not impressed by this week.

    Edit: As always, thanks LC, I, and everyone, appreciate your efforts of course
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    That was fast. Nice.

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    THanks azien`

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    On time? I'm surprised!
    You are all I long for, all I worship and adore.

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    Awesome thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OliverSykes` View Post
    On time? I'm surprised!

    Don't get used to it!

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    Thanks, you're quick.

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    I don't get the Celsius avatar. Why is Torturer related to anything with fire and ice? Why does a fire and ice thing throw chains anyway?

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    I love your work men

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    Thanks for the fast update. I think you should spend a little more time showing the hero running around and attacking from different directions - that is, after all, what you're going to be doing when using it!
    Great video though, and great avatars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leguaani View Post
    I don't get the Celsius avatar. Why is Torturer related to anything with fire and ice? Why does a fire and ice thing throw chains anyway?
    Let's wait for the new indepth lore

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    Yeah I don't really get the Torturer alt. I get that the story behind it represents a different hero to actual Torturer (they just happen to be represented by the same skill set in game), but the whole Fire and Ice theme and then combined with the chains and metal... seems strange to me.

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    Celsius - Bad, just plain bad. He has 2 potential attributes to use for his effects and even has lines for his voice that whips and chains does not interest him. And what bullshit did they pull with the avatar? No change on attacks (still throws chains)... still uses chains for stun and semi-pull.... impale and ulti still looking the same. This avatar is so underwhelming that it is a shame to even put it out in this form. You should have waited with it and then release it with proper effects for his spells.

    Den Mother - Can't say I like her voice nor her lines. Neither does the normal avatar look very good, the ultimate form and the pets however does look awesome. Skill animation having no special change for the buff is fine as it still fits with the theme of the avatar itself. On a whole it is just about average in my opinion.

    Savage Revenant - Why is this called an avatar? It is so close to just being a reskin and color change on his abilities. Then add some new lines to his voice and alter it's sound.
    Boring recoloring concept, I was hoping for more when it was labled as an avatar.

    Considering the now updated looks on both Caldavar and some of the older original hero it actually just feels underwhelming as a whole to see you bring out low quality avatars to your updated game. I truly had hoped for more work to be put in to the newer avatars that was coming since the update.. even if they were more or less done by the 3.0 release.... which clearly didn't show with these avatars.

    Still though, Aizen keep doing these great preview videos of the alt avatars... they are awesome and you are awesome :P
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    Celcius is really disappointing. I bought recently the other Tort Alt avatar and was about to regret it, but when i saw him attack with chains and half his abilities are still with chains, well............

    He even states he have no interest in chains and whips, still all animations have it. God damn amateurs, make me want to play DotA 2 and bring everyone with me just so you learn to do a good job.

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    I think the concept of Celsius should've been used for Gemini
    and that dialogue for Den Mother was just..lmao

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    Celsius==>5/10. Seems like an unfinished alt. Only his impalement change colors.
    Den Mother=>8/10. At last, we have a Badass WB alt avatar(sorry, i really don't like the Horse). It seems the perfect sister of a werwolf like Yugo or Sabrewulf xD.
    Savage revenant==>2/10 :/ seems like a skin than an alt avatar but w/e.

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    There's clearly no love for Revenant... That Torturer alt should have been a revenant alt (not only did Tort already have other avatars, but his abilities weren't even worked on)

    Now Rev fans will have to wait 2 years for another alt.. and hope it isn't just a stupid recolor.

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