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    Patch Notes - 3.0.2

    Version 3.0.2

    == New Content ==

    - Added new Torturer Alt Avatar: Celsius
    * Celsius was once the keeper of icebound magic for Ellonia, but his obsession with Sol’s blessed flame led him to corruption from Magmus. Now his fiery daemon and frozen wizard halves battle for control, and the Legion suffers.
    * Releases on 2/15/2013

    - Added new Warbeast Alt Avatar: Den Mother
    * Many were killed by plagues in the Time of Ash; others were altered. Day or night, woman or wolf, the Den Mother is the reason her pack--and the Hellbourne--always have fresh Legion meat on which to feed.
    * Releases on 2/18/2013

    - Added new Revanant Alt Avatar: Savage Revanant
    * The Savage Revenants have reemerged, cobbled from the bones and armor of fallen warriors and draped in ancient skulls and desiccated skins. Are they a daemon deathblow or an act of Hellbourne desperation?
    * Releases on 2/20/2013

    == General ==

    - Re-implemented Casual Mode Stats
    * This decision was made based off of both community feedback and further internal research. In the future we will be looking for a solution to address the concern for new players, but in different ways.

    == Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

    - Reworked enter queue logic: You are no longer kicked from a group and put in a solo group if you are in any kind of group already
    * This fixes being in a group alone (after inviting someone) and trying to queue causing issues

    - Insanitarius: Fixed an exploit where you can instantly re-toggle on Insanitarius on the same frame as the triggered 0.5s cooldown ends even when its 7 second cooldown period is not up yet
    - Bubbles: Shell Surf now hits at point-blank range again
    - Bubbles: Shell Surf interaction with other projectiles fixed
    - Gauntlet: Grapple's interaction with abilities like Ophelia's Judgment fixed
    - Monkey King: Fixed Vault's second activation potentially cancelling a Null Stone without any setbacks
    - Thunderbringer: Fixed his Staff of the Master boosted Lightning Storm so that it functions properly with his Lightning Rod passive
    - Oogie: Fixed Mardi Gras Oogie not healing herself when transformed from Primal Surge

    - Fixed a bug with Lockpick that prevented you from picking heroes from the lock pool.
    - Mentor chat is no longer logged in the game log
    - Team chat is now logged in the game log
    - Evened out the patching progress bar so the majority of the time is no longer spent in the last few percent
    - Fixed Antlore Healer icons
    - Multiple Hero ability tooltip fixes
    - Notifications sounds should be working
    - Fixed health and mana lerping when selecting different heroes/couriers
    - Fixed health bar color options not saving between client restarts
    - Social Panel: The 'Remove Current Group' option when managing groups is now translated
    - Social Panel: Fixed group names with 's and \s causing errors
    - Social Panel: Removed a trailing space from the friends header string so that the header wasn't a tad longer than it should have been
    - Communicator should no longer force the game channel to be selected during the countdown
    - Added the missing private game tips
    - Removed multiple close news commands from multiple right click options
    - Fixed /clear while in-game
    - RAP submission now has a confirmation when submitted
    - Game chat messages prior to getting in-game now appear in the in-game chat
    - Fixed an error that prevented RAP from showing up in the right-click menu if there aren't a full 10 people in-game
    - Fixed the right-click menu not properly updating if you click a new line without closing the old menu
    - Fixed being unable to completely clear out the game name being used to filter the list
    - You can now select any map to filter a search by, even if you have Bot Match selected
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