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    Persisting Mac Problems - Provide the requested info

    Before posting: please contact Tech Support and wait for their reply before posting here. Only post in this thread if they said it's a general Mac problem.

    If you're on a Mac and there are frequent bugs that occur, please provide the following information:

    • Description of the bug
    • Frequency of the bug
    • Any supporting evidence: crash logs, reproduction instructions, console.log, system configuration, etc.

    If enough people are encountering the same bug with enough supporting evidence, then the problem can most likely be diagnosed and fixed.

    Any post that doesn't follow the rules here will be deleted. This thread is strictly for your benefit and not for complaints.
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    Sometimes this thing shows up when i try to type something. I think its kinda of bug. When this thing shows up in game messaging field, it doesn't get removed unless i restart HoN.

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    also here, wherever i can type

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    I can confirm I have that happening every once and a while as well.

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    Thanks for the reports guys, but the bug is already known

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