Thread: Party Zephyr needs to be available for the 3rd HoNiversary.

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    Thumbs up Party Zephyr needs to be available for the 3rd HoNiversary.

    What's party Zephyr you may ask? Party Zephyr is the best Zephyr mod in this game to date, TO DATE.

    *Zephyr jamming to some dubstep*

    So Party Zephyr, #1 Zephyr, was made by BlacRyu, who is now an S2 member! Party Zephyr always brings the party. Needs strobe lights? Party Zephyr has them. Need some drinks? Party Zephyr to the rescue. No one's jamming? Let Party Zephyr bring the fever.

    You know Party Zephyr has to bring his entourage, the Zephyettes to every party he goes to. He's got a massive following and he's sure to make your party the hottest in town. Studies show that when Party Zephyr visits a club, that club becomes the new it spot for weeks.

    But what if I don't like to party? Well sorry, but you're wrong. Party Zephyr is the best Zephyr and Party Zephyr always wins, forget Rhapsody's Disco Inferno, have you seen Party Zephyr's DISCO DEATHSTAR

    There's no other way to get the party jamming with Party Zephyr and if you want him in your game right now, then the only way you can do that is modding with BlacRyu's mod located

    But what kind of Party is it when you're the only one partying? A lame one. Vote to bring the Party Ambassador to your Newerth this HoNiversary for a celebration!

    Remember folks

    Has a rubber duck named "Mr. Quackers."

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    Crawl back to the pit that spawned you!

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    Stat padding threads
    ayy lmao

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    "all the people who are agreeing with you should be evidence enough that you're in the wrong here"

    I'm marchin' to the minutes
    I'm livin' my life as a resurrection of a Jack the rhythm Ripper
    So please carve me in his image
    And mark this in the Guinness when I break these hardened critics
    You can't look death in the face if you can't brave the Arkham limits

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    yes it is the right thing to do
    dsg <3

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    Put this in the suggestion forum and PM me the link. I will make sigs for all of us to advertise this to try to get it implemented!

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    Put it in suggestions with a poll

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