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    Tralf on OTP's HonTour Roster

    The VOD might be removed soon due to this post, but if you listen to the game it is obvious that OTPs new 6th/5th iis no new "random" guy as they take directions from him and listen to him as a captain almost.

    2:17:00 in the VOD aswell that Phil didn't point out.

    We scrim more?

    "i dont know if Tralf have time"

    That was right before the HonTour gold game was going live at honcast so he left due to that reason.

    It is pretty obvious it's him atleast.

    Question is why he is put onto the hontour roaster AND scrim with them instead of Straufutter, if he is going to be casting at the same time they have games?

    I dont think they have a rule about playing in the tournaments being a honcast caster, but it wouldnt work out for the reasons above^

    Is there a possiblity he will be leaving the casting behind and return to the scene as a competitive player?

    It feels like Tralf does miss playing and is getting bored of casting similiar games over and over again, just watching.


    Something else brought my attention aswell, from another thread on the forums:

    People disliking his casting or whatever it is, someone comments:

    Quote Originally Posted by Nemesis108 View Post
    Don't worry about it. You will miss his competitive insight soon enough.

    -spoiler alert-
    -spoiler alert-
    -spoiler alert-
    -spoiler alert-

    Big changes are happening to Honcast in the coming weeks!

    ... yeah, I felt the spoiler was going to be too big, so I just kept it vague =[

    All i know is that its 99% Tralf playing and being on the roaster atleast.

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    HonCast hiring new casters aswell.

    "Job Description: As a Honcast Shoutcaster the applicant is expected to provide analytical commentary of competitive Heroes of Newerth matches alongside Breakycpk, host upcoming programs and create exciting content for millions of Heroes of Newerth players."

    Damn, alongside Breaky. More stuff proving the theory of Tralf stepping down.

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    confirmed OTP's roaster is tralf.
    He cooks chicken, beef and potatoes very well.

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    Damn, would be nice to get some confirmation. But I hope this is not the case. Tralfs addition to honcast has really been awesome, would be sad to see him stop that now.

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    let me grab my tin foil hat...

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    Holy moly...

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    I think it'd be sad to see him go tbh

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    Well they must be hiring a new caster for a reason, so can only assume either Trals is taking on another possition within the company or leaving s2 games.
    <Something intelligent>

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    Hope Tralf doesn't quit casting. Him being cocaster is the best thing that has happened to Honcast since it's existence.

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    hope they don't hire beef, not because i think he would be a bad addition, but because i am gonna miss his colcasts. having two high quality casting sources is really good for the scene.

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    Tralf has done great things with Honcast the last year. Sucks to see a change like this, but maybe he is a bit homesick?
    I hope that the eventual replacement will be just as good though.

    (or get HenryD!)

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    tralf dont stop casting pls ((
    dsg <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by pMd_ View Post
    hope they don't hire beef, not because i think he would be a bad addition, but because i am gonna miss his colcasts. having two high quality casting sources is really good for the scene.
    No risk, nobody liked it when breaky was casting with zyori due to the lack of the oh so important competetive insight.

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    Brized new honcast caster??

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    Castmadore dont do that to us plizzzzzzzzz!
    HoNCast without tralf is not the same

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    Why is this surprising? He was obviously not going to cast forever... he belongs on the competitive scene

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazhr View Post
    Brized new honcast caster??
    I hope so, brized co-casts alot with beef, he seems like a solid replacement. Good to see tralf back in action though, one of the best players. Definatley sad to see him leave casting though, and maybe its only for hontour you never know.

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    He's a good caster, unfortunate to see him go.
    Not going to sugarcoat it for you hun.

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    Streufutter > Tralf

    Yes, it would be nice for Beef if they picked him up, but it would be really bad for the competetive scene overall. Colcast and Honcast are the only streams with good content and losing one of them would suck.

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    Why would Brizzed join Honcast? He owns a company and afaik is doing pretty well where he is.
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