Thread: FJ's 3.0 Celebrationstream (Hittin' 1,000 followers!)

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    FJ's 3.0 Celebrationstream (Hittin' 1,000 followers!)

    Heroes of Newerth 3.0 - Celebration Stream!

    We're finally approaching the hour where 3.0 will be released. I for one, is very excited and i am really looking forward to it.
    In order to celebrate, i have naturally taken a day to enjoy this marking day for Heroes of Newerth. I will be streaming all day, to allow you people at work to enjoy 3.0 aswell.

    What's gonna happen today?
    - First thing that's gonna happen, is that i'll check out the shop. I'll make sure to show my love for Heroes of Newerth and S2, and purchase the new alt avatars.

    > Then, we'll follow that up with loads of TMM with FJ & Friends, possibly some scrim-casting, maybe some inhouses and so fourth.

    Heroes we'll see in play?
    All of them. Mainly midheroes, carries and possibly a jungler or two.

    Thank you all for all the love you're showing every day, it keeps me motivated to keep on streaming! :-)
    See you soon, at

    PS: Quick FAQ Answers:
    • My stream was designed by redeye998. /salute
    • I am the author of 'The black code'. You can google it.
    • I reset stats for a variety of reasons. It's fun. I like supporting S2. I enjoy playing with lowrated friends. I occassionally play with viewers. When i want to play high level, i'll scrim, play inhouses or tournaments. (No offense, but TMM is rarely fun on high level due to ghosting, griefers and 'AP/SD outpick'
    • My streamquality is so sick due to me having a 90/90 mbit fiber connection, alongside with a beast of a computer.
    • I do- and have offered coaching, boosting and 'TMM w. FJ' in the past, and if you seek such service - send me a PM on twitch or here.
    • I am trying to form a competitive team, which will join hontour for next cycle i believe.

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