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    Dragon as Kongor

    Model was taken from Rean
    Credits go to him for model import
    Dragon as Kongor
    Recolored Texture


    I no longer have a web site.
    But i still will provide mods

    Every download link will show one ad, then skip to download link
    This way i can make a little mula, hope this doesn't bother you

    Check out How to Alter Effects Guide i made

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    Is kongor a dragon, or is dragon (draconis?) kongor?
    The title is a bit confusing (Or i might be retarded)
    Anyway, nice work!

    Is it possible to request a HD version of Soulstealer or some cool new effects on him?

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    fayde just got his ass burned! meanwhile, amazing job heheh

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    Downloaded cuze I love Glory =P

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