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    Patch Notes - 2.6.34

    Version 2.6.34

    == New Content ==

    - Added new Amun-Ra Ultimate Alt Avatar: Risen Ra
    * Anubis Pharaoh summoned Ra to battle Maliken, but Ra, in his true Golden Eagle form, has much bigger plans. Add specific items to this avatar in-game to unlock amazing effects!
    * Releases on 1/11/2013

    - Added new Ophelia Alt Avatar: Antphelia
    * What happens when a powerful Antlore Healer gains possession of the Grimoire of power? He gains the power of Ophelia! Read more about his fortune in the the "Neutral Uprising" lore arc starting next week in the forums!
    * Releases on 1/14/2013

    - Added new Bombardier Alt Avatar: Turtlepult
    * When the Bombardier trained his pet turtle to carry a mini slingshot and smoke tiny cigars, they laughed. Now the turtle has grown up, and his catapult will turn the laughter to screams!
    * Releases on 1/16/2013

    - Added new Chat Color: Aquamarine
    * Are you a splashy character and haven't been able to express it? Now you can! Try new chat color Aqua Marine!
    * Releases on 1/11/2013

    - Added new Rise of Ra Bundle
    * Risen Ra Four-Alt Bundle: One-stop shopping for Anubis Pharaoh, Demonic Shaman, Cenobite Torturer, and Archlich Gravekeeper. Purchasing this bundle qualifies you for the 80% discount on Risen Ra!
    * Releases on 1/11/2013

    == General ==

    Legion Ancients
    - Changed how they leash to make them easier to stack

    All Tablets have been renamed to the following:
    - Double Damage Rune
    - Invisibility Rune
    - Illusion Rune
    - Haste Rune
    - Regeneration Rune
    - Power Rune

    -Power rune is dropped from Zorgath in Midwars.

    Added winning Account Icons from Creative Continuum #3 and #4
    - These icons were created by community members redeye998 and kisroker in the themed Creative Continuum Art Contests! They are available free of charge in the Goblin Shop!

    == Hero Balance ==

    - Trample: Mana Cost reduced from 125 to 115

    Plague Rider
    - Plague Carrier: Mana Cost rescaled from 200/325/500 to 200/350/500

    - Disco Inferno: Healing and Damage to creeps increased from 50% to 75%

    - Starting Intelligence increased from 22 to 24
    - Acid Cocktail: Now stuns and damages pets, with the exception of Booboo and Boris
    - Cursed Ground: Mana Cost reduced from 120 to 90/100/110/120

    == Item Balance ==

    Runes of the Blight have been renamed to Blight Stones

    - Illusions that have Nullfire now remove 6.67/12 mana

    - No longer randomly procs, now shoots lightning every 5 attacks

    Charged Hammer
    - Damage increased from 24 to 30
    - No longer randomly procs, now shoots lightning every 5 attacks

    == Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

    - Optimized Ashes to Ashes so that the state on himself will expire when charges are 0
    - Ignite is now disabled if it has already been activated

    - Fixed Carnage on all of his alt avatars so that it amplifies incoming damage by the correct amount

    - Fixed Executioner Legionnaire's move animation from hitching

    - Rocket Drill is now disabled if it has already been activated

    - Fixed Eruption from not playing the animation if you Lava Surged and immediately used Eruption

    Moon Queen
    - Fixed Moon Prince's alt avatar so that the toggled Multi Strike properly bounces to heroes only

    - Fixed Myrmidon's animated portrait in-game so it properly loops

    - Adjusted the Well of Life to detect Preservation Bubble

    - Protective Melody is now 100% Physical and Magic Damage reduction instead of 1000 Armor/Magic Armor
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