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    LF Competetive EU clan

    Player Name : Oaax, Have several other accounts too.

    Playstyle/Role : Mostly support, and utility. Some of my better ones are Jereziah , Accursed, Madman, Defiler, Plague rider, Vindicator. But i am pretty versatile.

    Competitive Experience: I lack any real competetive experience except from a couple of years ago when i played in the second best Cs clan in scandinavia.

    Play Times : Im from norway so im in the UTC time zone same as most of europe. I can play from 1200 too about 2400.

    Best Qualities : Ill do anything to save a teammate! I have very good stun coordination and coordination in general, i have a mic and aint afraid to use it.

    Negative Qualities : I would say my lack of real competetive experience in hon. Allthough i am a fast learner and allways strive for perfection i will need a week or two of scrims to get my sea legs.

    Personal bio : Im a 23 yr old norwegian currently unemplyed so i have loads of time to game. I have been playing with computers all my life and have played SC BW War3 Dota CS alot. I played Cs and Sc competetive for a long time.

    Statistics explanation : At oaax im currently round 1600 psr with 1:1kd. I think that this by no means reflects my skill and that i can do alot better given a real team with good players.

    I will be updating this post with more information tomorrow.

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