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    Patch Notes - 2.6.31


    == New Content ==

    - Added Pandamonium Alt Avatar: Muay Tigermonium
    * From deep in Death's Cradle comes a new kind of warrior - a beast whose fists, feet, elbows, and knees have been honed into weapons far more deadly than claw and fang. This unstoppable fighter has entered the fray not to fight the good fight, but simply to keep on fighting for his honor and to prove once and for all that Muay Tigermonium is the greatest there is!
    * Releases on 12/07/2012

    - Added a new Maliken Alt Avatar: Young Maliken
    * Winner for the second avatar shuffle! Young Maliken comes to us from a time before he fell to temptation. This is the mighty General of the Legion of Man during the great wars with the Beasts, the one man who could unite the disparate tribes of savages into an army like the world had never before seen - and who would bear the trophies of his conquests for his enemies to fear.
    * Releases on 12/10/2012

    - Added a new Chipper Alt: Chiprel Strike Squad
    * When Chipper is not enough to handle your Hellbourne problems, who you gonna call? Chiprel Strike Squad of course! This trio of fearless Chiprels brings their brand new war machine to the battlefield to chop down the competition. These are the Chiprels you need...AND the Chiprels you deserve!
    * Releases on 12/12/12

    - Witch Hunter celebrates 180 days since release. Enjoy the new price of 250 Gold or 500 Silver
    - Hook Madman celebrates 60 days since release. Enjoy the new price of 390 Gold or 1500 Silver

    == General ==

    - Announcer sounds have been restored to their higher sound quality

    == Hero Balance ==

    - Illusory Assault: Illusions now move at 750 Movement Speed until they land one attack
    - Illusory Assault: Fade time has been decreased from 1.5 seconds to 1 second

    == Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

    Fixed the following skills so that you don't break invisibility if you start your attack & cancel it before it connects or if you use a toggleable item (ie, Steamboots, Ring of the Teacher, etc.)
    - Night Hound's Invisibility
    - Nomad's Sandstorm
    - Revenant's Essence Shroud
    - Valkyrie's Prism

    Fixed the following spells so that you can shift-queue items/skills/other commands after they complete
    - Chronos' Time Leap
    - Magmus' Lava Surge
    - Midas' Elemental Warp
    - Pandamonium's Flick
    - Parasite's Facehug

    Fixed the following spells from automatically dispelling if the target enters fog on the same frame that these debuffs get applied
    - Blitz's Pilfering
    - Corrupted Discple's Corrupted Conduit

    Barrier Idol: Should no longer interrupt commands when used
    Energizer: Fixed visuals so that they appear properly when Empath is inside someone
    Restoration Stone: Should no longer interrupt commands when used
    Arachna: Fixed Brass Arachna's Precision icon to be properly colored
    Balphagore: Fixed Corpse Conversion minions so that their slow doesn't apply to towers nor to allied units
    Grinex: Fixed a rare case of Grinex following people when teleporting away
    Hellbringer: Fixed Overseer Hellbringer's Malphas' Flame Breath cast range indicator
    Martyr: Fixed Conviction so it will not give Gemini's Fire/Ice pets a second instance of additional movespeed
    Night Hound: Fixed Backstab animation to correctly change when gaining more attack speed
    Pandamonium: Hid a self only state on Cannonball when in midair
    Pandamonium: Fixed a rare bug where his corpse stands up if he dies when he is in close proximity of his opponent during Flick
    Riftwalker: Fixed Shared Existence interaction with Barbed Armor
    Scout: Fixed attack animation out of Vanish so that the first attack uses Disarm's animation
    Scout: Fixed accidentally breaking Vanish if he attempts to attack out but cancels it before the attack actually connects
    Solstice: Fixed the fade time on Shadow Dash so that it is correctly 0.5s or 500 ms
    Solstice: Fixed Duel's dayform sound to play the correct files
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