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    Creative and S2 Games Announce the Sound Blaster Heroes League

    I am pleased to announce that S2 Games and Creative have joined forces to bring a new tournament league to Newerth. The Sound Blaster Heroes League boasts a $30,000 prize pool and over $10,000 in product prizing. Eight professional teams will be invited to participate in the tournament and eight more spots will be given out via qualifiers to amateur teams. The first qualifier begins on December 10th, with the registration for that event open now! For registration and more details visit

    All tournament participants will also receive a special in game account icon

    This is only the beginning for our relationship with Creative and we are looking forward to bringing you more updates when they become available.

    Good luck guys,

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    Now THIS is interesting.

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    I wonder what teams will play!
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    List of competitors can be found here:
    HoN's Competitive Circuit
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    This is good. We need more of this.

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    Brazilian teams can participate?

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    Will it be a lan event?

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    When I come to this page, and want to create a team. It only says "Online" and then nothing more to press. Anyone got an sollution for this issue?

    EDIT: NVM. It didn't automatically choose the closest event. Just change it to the 10-16th of december one and everything will be fine.

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    When do we know the 8 teams who are invited?

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    txe... ill just apply for the icon

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    im just a turtle...on a boat.

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    Fight, my military, fight!

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    Great news, good luck to all participants

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    Is it just me or is there no info whatsoever regarding playtimes during those qualification days in the rule section ?
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    This kind of partnership is... awesome! It just shows how big HoN is in several ways. I'm looking forward for this event.

    Good luck (and have fun) to all those who are participating!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pMd_ View Post
    man that episode is so great

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    I see what you did there S2 with that relationship...I see

    But it still good for those who want to test their skills and want to win some cash
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    Nice nice ))

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