I have some constructive criticism of the Hontour interface and general system.

Firstly - discrepancy between the rules posted on hontour.com and what actually happens in the lobby.
In the rules it states:
Showing up - Players will be notified they are scheduled to play thirty (30) minutes prior to the game start. Players may show up during that time frame and maximum fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled start time of the Game.

Forfeit - one team has less than 5 team members
If a team does not have five (5) members within fifteen (15) minutes after the default time, such team forfeits the game or entire match and opposing team wins. The HoN Tour system will automatically grant the forfeit win to the opposing team.

But in the lobby, the timer gives 31 minutes AFTER the scheduled start time.
ALSO, players are NOT notified they are scheduled to play.
So things need to be consistent.

On top of that, if we have 5 men in the lobby at the scheduled start time, and the enemy team has none, we have to sit around for half an hour. If they can't even get ONE person in the lobby on time, it should be a forfeit.
Finally: why do people even get extra time after the scheduled start? The lobby is open for a half hour before the game, there is no reason for people to not be able to get their team together and enter the lobby before the scheduled start time. If they aren't capable of this, they should forfeit.

TLDR: basically the scheduled start time isnt a scheduled start time. Rules dont match actual system.