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    sLiCKz farewell to TteS

    I have spent the past two years building, leading, and drafting for my team and I am looking forward to finally stepping down as leader of TteS hon team and being able to do my thing and focus on my game by joining my new team, V0TE.

    Swindlemelonzz is a terrific drafter and has a very good knowledge of the game, together me and Kyle will be able to lead the team very well and our drafting is going to better then ever. I love all the guys I have played with and all the relationships and friendships I have made but at the end of the day I am disappointed with our results and I want to win and I want to be the best.

    Thank you Riser, Leon, Moiravus, and Dave for being awesome teammates and thank you ThermalTake for being such a good sponsor. To all my fans, thanks for sticking with me over the years and I hope to make you proud!

    Trent "sLiCKz" Tucker.

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    holy **** wat

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    slickz stahp... dont unite with the evil...

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    GL slickz !

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    GL sir, you provide a great deal of entertainment. Don't stop.

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    Gl with your new team.

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    Hooooly S---, what. Good luck in VOTE I guess, I'll miss you in TTeS. Who will leave VOTE?
    ducks lol

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    this has to be a troll LOL

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    saw this coming guys shape up

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    what the actual ****.

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    good to know how highly your own character
    Has a rubber duck named "Mr. Quackers."

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    this must be troll...

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    Aus/US/EU team?

    You're 4 months early. D:
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    The new machine that the chat server was installed on wasn't setup correctly, so it had Windows updates automatically enabled, one of which caused the machine to restart. It's a silly mistake and it's been fixed.
    S2 got Microsoft'd.

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    (swindle really?)

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    It's not trolling. It has been announced on the HoNtour website as well.
    You are all I long for, all I worship and adore.

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    My friends and I were saying you needed to find a better team the other day. Great move for your career in E-sports

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    Who will he replace in V0TE? Also nice to have a new team to support, sLICKz #1

    Also sLICKz is one of the players I've always seen Swindle talk well about, will be nice to see how it works out!
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    inb4 dignitas

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    HUGE NEWS. Good luck to both parts!
    GJ 2012 just turned into one even bigger power house.

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