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    Power supply or mystic vestments?

    My brother and I got into an argument about what is better: power supply or mystic vestments. I know you can't really compare the two, but which one would you consider better in general? And why?

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    Does the other team have lots of magic damage? Mystic Vestments!
    Does the other team have lots of heroes that spam spells all day? Power Supply!
    Does the other team have heroes that spam spells that deal magic damage? Power Supply and Mystic Vestments!

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    it really depends on the situation, but power supply is generally better
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    Very situational. If it's an older brother, I'd say you better go with whatever he says.

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    Early mana battery, and then vestments, sometimes you dont need to up to power supply

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    Both cause why not. mana battery first usually
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    Both, I always get vestments first because it makes you so much tankier -almost doubles your magic armor- while power supply does a lot for you, it's not THAT much.
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    Early Supply is overrated. Battery is really all you need for the most part.

    Going Battery and Vests is probably better for more EHP and burst healing. Remember that with Vests each point of healing is technically worth more due to the extra MA. Upgrading to Supply is fine, but not at the cost of Vestments. Its used to shove your Minors into one item slot, and when slot efficiency is still irrelevant, you're spending 240 Gold on +1 Stats and the extra 5 potential charges; you're not paying for the slots yet so it isn't quite worth it.
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    In general, Mana battery -> Vestments -> Power supply.

    It depends though, battery is really good in two situations:
    1. if the enemy is spamming or going to use spells in lane to harass or do their gank combo (especially vs Chipper, Armadon, Nymphora, Monkey King but other heroes as well)
    2. if your hero is mana dependant and could appreciate the extra mana refill in countergank situations, mana battery does a great job of giving you clutch mana+health when you need it

    If for some reason neither of these apply (example you're Ra who doesn't need mana or Wildsoul, going against a Glacius+Swiftblade who don't really spam spells to harass because they can burst you down in just 2-3 spells), then just getting Vestments first would be better.

    Also if you're going to be using Chalice then there is less need for mana battery/Power supply, though they do work well together. The problem with that is you're pushing 1000 gold in cheap stats which could be going into earlier boots or other pickups.

    Lastly, if you're going against two physical damage heroes (uhh, Panda/Rampage/Monkey King + Demented) or something mainly physical then Vestments are obviously unneeded, so Power supply and guardian ring/RotT would be superior in this case.

    tl;dr - Mana battery -> Vestments, then grab Power Supply if you feel it's worth it.
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    power supply is nice because you will probably already have 2 minor totems from the start which you should upgrade instead of sell.there are countless times where 10-15 charges saved me and allowed me to also get a kill on someone(before probably dying or not).
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    Power supply always beats vestment, Trust me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S3PH View Post
    Early mana battery, and then vestments, sometimes you dont need to up to power supply
    Completing supply isn't really about the added benefits, it's more for combining a battery and minors into 1 slot
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    Quote Originally Posted by RockyBalboa View Post
    Power supply always beats vestment, Trust me.
    I agree with this. In almost every game I would prefer over , because the question was which one is better and not what you should get.
    I even tho prefer mana battery -> vestments and if I started with items that included 2 totems I would upgrade mana battery into power supply after upgraded boots.

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    Apples and Oranges, no idea how to even begin comparing the 2... Anyway, most of the times you'll want both items anyway, so yeah...

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    power supply can be underwhelming versus stun heavy teams. would rather go for +hp and vestments in those cases.
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    OP, you got into a very pointless discussion with your brother.
    Hahahah hey.

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    Both, on almost every hero, in almost every game.

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    Those 2 items are cheap enough for mostly any hero to take advantage of them with very little loss. I don-t see Mystic Vestments as super mandatory, but then again it-s still worth the price even if youre concerned about 1 or 2 heavy nukes landing on you.

    Now we-re at it, Gravet Locket is also really good for its price, particulary on int heros.
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    The most competative heroes are burst heroes.

    If you're not buying vestments during the game, you're probably not playing at your best.

    Power supply isn't a very good item - but against, it is burst. A burst heal. That's what makes it worth buying. If potions gave you 400 hp in a second, people would buy more of them instead.

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