Thread: RAP system and new anonymous voting encourages trolling

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    RAP system and new anonymous voting encourages trolling

    HoN has been widely known for its abusive, troll-like community for quite some time now, but it has never been easier to grief as it is now.

    1. The RAP system gives you infractions for an incorrect submission. Most of the time, at least in my opinion, the submission was not incorrect. I wouldn't bother submitting a report if I didn't feel a player was somehow breaking the rules. Why would anyone? Of course, you can't just ban everyone every time they get reported, because then players can abuse that as well. I just think giving infractions for an incorrect submission is a horrible idea. It punishes those who wish to clean up this community (at least for a few days).

    2. The anonymous voting system is absolutely horrible. All it's done is prolong games that should have ended earlier. When people don't want to play a losing game anymore, they generally go afk because some anonymous will not concede. If that afk player makes the mistake of coming back, he can end up being reported and banned for afk abuse by the same person who refused to concede a game that was clearly lost.

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    Well, its a game, and most of it's community are children.
    i belive like 70% of community use report because of madness, and youl just be spammed with fail reports, this way, you report true rule breaking once.

    You cant really done anything, its his right to keep playing, a lost game is when your main is lost.

    Its sad but, people no more play hon for fun, they play for wins.

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    1. According to GMs they can handle more reports and they also have many more successful reports after they changed RAP this way.

    2. If you have a guy who plays so poorly that he manages to feed 0-10 to their TDL, someone else tries to concede, the feeder doesn't pass and the guy then goes afk because there's clearly no chance of winning then according to the rules the guy who wanted to concede is griefing the 0-10 feeder - no matter how bad or good he was doing before he went afk. This is because only intentional behaviour is reportable - no level of playing poorly is because it's okay to ruin games by playing poorly and having a bad attitude.

    So don't think that S2 is not aware of this and there's any point in posting it here, it's the way things are supposed to be. Although I'm sure it catches real griefers too, RAP rewards griefers both passively by making people put up with griefing lest they be reported for ''griefing'' by the actual griefer and actively by getting people banned for situations such as the one you described.

    Once you understand that the Code of Conduct is there to suspend people who break its rules - not clean up the community - I don't believe you will be as frustrated with RAP. You just have to re-align your own belief of what is griefing and what isn't with what the Code of Conduct says. So, the situation you described with the guy going AFK because of horrible teammates who may or may not ****-talk him etc. in a lost game is like I said earlier griefing his team according to the rules. Understand that and you will know peace with RAP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WeWillOwnYou View Post
    Its sad but, people no more play hon for fun, they play for wins.
    Winning/Owning is fun for most people. Personally, it's not fun to get 0-20/feeding and the other team will be like 2ez, noobs, etc.

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