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  • Yes! I like having a guarantee I'll at least get someone I can play if someone trips over my router!

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    Thumbs up "PREFERRED PICKS" (This would resolve a big issue)

    There are many games in which people will dc or game error. This can cause issues, but it will ruin the entire game if it happens during picks (using 'All Pick' as an example).
    The timer is too short for anyone to reconnect in time to select a hero so they end up random-ing. **Fascinating fact: They will ALWAYS random their worst hero!**
    Anyways, if there were a list of 'preferred picks' that your game used as a backup it'd solve a lot of problems. If the game detects that you've disconnected during picking, it will select a hero for you based on a pre-selected list of a few heroes that you have selected as 'heroes you'd enjoy playing'.

    EDIT: Better yet... It wouldn't even have to be an alteration to the interface. Just have the game pick from your top 5 played heroes! I've uber-charged this section because it seems nobody is reading it. Stop suggesting this. It's written right here. Thanks.

    er... EDIT2?: Maybe also have it resort to your top 5 if someone has picked the hero you've 'right clicked'. It's apparent you don't want to random as you've selected a hero but someone else has gotten him and you don't have time to pick an alternative as the timer is under five seconds (or at zero [which I guess is under five...])
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    This seems like a great idea and it should be brought in to HoN as you said: "It would solve a big issue" and it would.
    I love to see S2 bring this in and i will try to spread this and maybe it'll be heard by S2 or maybe they just read this, but what ever, Great idea!

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    how do we vote this?
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    I wish I knew. Too many games will there be some dc during picking. The next 10 minutes is simply calls to remake over and over and over again by the team with the dc, followed by people afk'ing in the fountain, leaving, or simply sitting around waiting to lose so as to not ruin their KDR.

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    I support this, and would suggestion an addition: when joining a game, you automatically right click (highlight) the first hero on your preferred list, so your team has some idea of what you'd like to play and what your strengths are. It could really help with team building.

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    I just had this idea, was going to post it! haha you beat me

    Thanks Lhune!
    Sorry for my bad English!

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    That's a really smart idea. +1
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    I think that the idea of this is good in principle, but I would be scared that it would encourage people to be afk, because they would know they would get a good hero anyways. I think that this needs development. Maybe have a smaller pool of heros that you can get randomed from (like the core pool). Just a thought

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    Its only good for AP
    i will only partially "solve" your problem
    Too much work for something that does not happen often

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    What if it selects one of your top 5 heroes? that would avoid the need for extra UI or interface options
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    My original post mentions picking from the top five heroes. It seems you didn't actually read my post :/

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    Actually - Even better:

    How about - if you did not select a hero by the time the game starts - you are randomed one of your 5 most played heroes.

    Why this?
    1. This is easy to impliment because they already have your 5 most played heroes.
    2. This gives you a hero that you enjoy playing even if you "forgot to pick - I spassed!!"
    3. You can still random by pressing the Dice icon (random button)
    4. This will give you a hero you like to play if you DC during the picking phase

    *note: if all 5 are taken then you are randomed.

    I like this suggestion better since it is very quick and easy to impliment. Your suggestion requires set up from everyone and extra work for S2.

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    Again, this is in my original post...
    The first 'EDIT' says this and that was done mere seconds after my original post.

    I understand why it should be one of the top 5. I agree.

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    Add the poll an i will vote yes.
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    The Poll is misleading, i do agree to your post, but i also am a big Poopy-pants D:

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    I don't see any downside, so why not?

    and if your team is clever enough to see your DC and look on you fav heros,
    they even can see your possible hero-type you get (ganker, carry, support, jungler, ...)
    and could pick accordingly
    ofc this wouldn't help e.g. for me which has 2 carries, 2 gankers and 1 support in top 5
    but still no downside

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