Version 2.6.27

== New Content ==

- Added a new Limited Edition Tundra Alt Avatar: Tribal Tundra
* The Frostfields are a harsh and unforgiving land. Among the men and beasts who reside in the Great White North, there are few who have learned to thrive without magic. Within the nomadic people, an elite warrior has learned to master the frost beasts of the ice caverns and have adopted his rule as their own – he is now the Tribal Tundra and all Hellbourne who venture into the lands claimed by his people will know no mercy.
* Releases on 11/09/2012

- Added a new Emerald Warden Alt Avatar: Centaur Warden
* In the forests and plains of Newerth great herds of Centaurs once roamed the lands. Their ancient lands have been destroyed by the deamons and the Centaurs have sent a champion to aid in reclaiming their ancestral lands. With his wolf and hawk, Centaur Warden stands ready to join the Legion cause!
* Releases on 11/14/2012

- Added a new Pollywog Priest Alt Avatar: Holly Polly
* There once was a girl named Holly, who was obsessed with all things Polly, there's a Frog on her head, and her totems make you dead...beware of the Holly Polly!
* Releases on 11/09/2012

- Added a new Devourer Skin: Patchwork Devourer
* Not all demons are stitched from corpses...some are stitched from sackcloth! You may never snuggle with your stuffed toys again after experiencing the new Patchwork Devourer!
* Releases on 11/12/2012

- Minotaur Behemoth celebrates 180 days since release. Enjoy the new price of 250 Gold and 500 Silver
- Sabretooth Archer celebrates 60 days since release. Enjoy the new price of 150 Gold and 750 Silver

== General ==

- Hero Icons ingame will now always display the Default Hero Icons to avoid confusion
* Icons in the pregame lobby will still reflect which Alt Avatar or skin you are using

- The Voting System no longer displays who calls each vote