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    How to get Caterpillar Courier and King Animus

    It has come to my attention that a lot of people don't seem to understand how to follow the instructions provided in the Follow us on Social Media. Become a Fan! sticky on how to receive your HoN Freebies so I took the liberty of making some visual aid to help people who are having trouble. If you still have no idea on what to do to recieve these freebies, then you probably weren't meant to own it :P

    How to get King Animus:
    Go to

    How to get Caterpillar Courier
    Go to

    Have fun and have a good day

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    nice work aerotonic, i've already done it but it will help those who do not know.
    You stfu.

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    Ah, hadn't realised that you got the courier from Youtube.. Thanks man!

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    if only i knew my password :/

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    Nice explanations.^^
    Already owned but w/e ^^
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    I couldnt figure it out dude.
    I gave up.

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    I cant see those things in .. YOUTUBE

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    Animus is bad ass. Thanks S2!

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    If you can't see the buttons make sure you are logged in on Youtube
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    got them both! thx for sharing

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    I get the username prompt but no password prompt, for either.

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    I am from the latin server, did all steps, got the avatar but the caterpillar courrier is not available

    Any tips on how to solve it?

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    im from indonesian
    i made it SEA
    but still dont get it

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    me neither I'm From Tunisia that means North Africa but the problem is that i get a message that says"
    You have successfully added the King Animus Alt to your account!"
    but i actually didn't. Could any body help me to get these 2 gifts?
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    im from EU, it said i added the king animus but nothing happend...any suggestions?

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    im from EU too, i added them but in game i don't have them, why ? :O

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    didnt work

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    Quote Originally Posted by zekone View Post
    didnt work
    Same here. I says i have unlcoked the courir but i can't fins it in game. EU.

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    Is it too late to aquire your Animus alt avatar? I did follow the instructions here and all I get is "Yeah but no, srsly, this file is totally not here"

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