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    HoN Community Rundown: 10/24

    Welcome to the HoN Community Rundown!

    This post and all future editions will serve as a way for everyone to catch up with what's going on in the HoN community. Click on the banners or the links above each topic for more information! Keep reading to get all the details on some ongoing contests, talented community members and the best Ophelia in the world! Shoutout to Lhune, darkuther and kingaby for making the community art that became part of the banner above!

    Community Events

    Let's take a look at what events are currently running or recently ended in the community!

    There’s only a few days left to enter the “Are You a Hero” contest and it’s easy to do it! Just make a short video of yourself talking about what makes you a hero and why you love HoN. Then follow the instruction in the post linked above (and here!) and you’re entered. Easy way to make some gold coins!

    Our Alt Avatar Contest is in full swing! We’ve already had some awesome ideas from the initial entries but we want more! Follow the link above and contribute your crazy avatar ideas to have a chance to have it put into HoN.

    Halloween is approaching and we want to see more pumpkins and costumes submitted in the Creative Continuum! Anyone who submits a winning entry to the Halloween portion of the contest, will win a special prize in addition to the usual Continuum prize! Get to it!

    And don’t forget that the other two categories are still open for submissions!

    In our last patch, we unleashed some new coin bundles geared towards offering the community more options when they’re buying Goblin Coins. Afterwards, you gave us tons of feedback on the new packs, specifically noting that the coins per dollar on the $50 and $100 bundles weren’t quite right. As a result, we’ve improved those bundles and credited the extra coins to anyone who purchased them previously. Thanks again for your feedback!

    It’s time to add some new HoNored Posters! This time, we welcome Aizen` and Syth` to the group. Both are very well known on the forums and we’re happy to give them the recognition they deserve. Make sure you congratulate your fellow community members!

    Player Content Spotlight

    As you can tell, we're really proud of our community and how creative they are. Here's a few more things that some special community members do that you should check out!

    Got casting aspirations? One of the top teams in HoN is looking for a dedicated caster to cover their scrims for their fans. Head to the link above to apply and bring some action to HoN and coL fans!

    HoNored Poster RAAWR is hard at work and his newest projects are really awesome!

    First up is a new HoN show/podcast of sorts featuring Megabever, FJ and The_Thrill! Click here for more about the new show and be sure to check out their first episode this weekend!

    In addition, RAAWR has started up an interview series called “1 on 1” and the first episode is already posted! Click here to see an interview with popular long time competitive player Swindlemelonzz! He also just did the second episode with Honcast's BreakyCPK!

    Competitive Scene Spotlight

    All has finally been revealed as NoVa himself announced recently that he has been playing under the alias sQy for a long time now. This announcement “completes” the lineup of the now-top-team, QSQ, who is headed for Dreamhack after qualfying via the Destination Dreamhack event. The team has created Facebook fan pages for each player to help their fans follow them a bit better. Here they are!

    Jascha "NoVa_" Markuse
    Markus "Malle" Peltonen
    Kristiano "Style" Noviello
    Pontus "NoX" Frost
    Jonas "Jonassomfan" Lindholm
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    Yaaaay ))

    although, my some changes to my social media : and

    and breaky's interview is up on my youtube aswell!!
    thanks for including me in this rundown really appreciate all the great support <3
    More than 50 Guides on my Youtube-Channel
    ^10 Devs clashing in Midwars ^

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    Yes, congrats Rawrr! I love being able to catch up on some of the competitive stuff right here

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    CONGRATZ TO ALL <3 eternal love

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    Congrats to Aizen' and syth' on being HoNored Goodjob guys.

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