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    In need of a support player 1700+ USE

    We need one support player to complete our HonTour team!

    About us:
    Team: Me, ErrthatwasEZ, S11n, DjDavydave

    I have played competitively in the past and I was 1920 pre compression. However around that time most of the people I played with moved to Dota 2, which I had no desire to play. So once that happened I went back to playing with my IRL friends who are all around 1600 so there has been limitations to getting back up. At that level I played main support, granted I wasn't the BEST at it I know quite a bit about supporting.

    ErrthatwasEZ-is in pretty much the same boat as myself. He is kind of my co-captain and definitely an awesome guy to play with. He is a VERY good player despite his stats(like I stated we play alot with my 1500-1600 friends) and he knows a sh**load about competitive strategies and such. Now that HoNtour is here him and I want to get back into the competitive scene!!

    S11n-is probably one of the fastest progressing players I have played with. He picked up the game not that long ago(he came from that other dreaded MoBA that we all hate) and quickly plowed through the 1500s/1600s and has learned alot in the last month or two in preparation for Hontour.

    DjDavydave- Dave is our jungle/second support player that has gone from being a 900 PSR beta player to what he is today. Dave and I are college roomates and his willingness to learn has boosted him to a very solid player and a spot on our team.

    What we are looking for from you

    -High level support experience, you shouldn't have to ask what you should be doing mid game
    -Willingness to take criticism. Ez and I tend to give alot of constructive criticism, you can't be offended by it because it is generally in an attempt to correct mistakes and make you better.
    -Preferably USE, Dave and I live in Wisconsin, EZ is from Iowa and S11n is from Quebec. So USW players are hard to work with timing wise.

    Were not looking to teach you how to play support, we don't want someone that is all like "Well I CAN play support if it means being on a HoNtour team"
    We want someone that has lots of support experience and knows that it is more than just being a ward B**ch.
    If you are interested respond on here/shoot me a PM or contact me ingame! I play on several different accounts with friends so thats probably the most inefficient way to contact me. However I'm in game right now on the account Jerome so shoot me a whisper if you like

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    Oops I misplaced this in the wrong forum section, reposted in "looking for players"

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