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    Improving the pregame game

    I'm fairly new to HoN and didn't play Dota before, so maybe some of the suggestions I'm making are bullshit for experienced users or clan fighters that always talk to their opponents before making a game, but I think new players and pubs are a great deal of players, that could need love too.

    My main concerne with the game is the so called "pregame game" meaning finding a nice game I want to be in. There are some slight obstacles in this making it harder than it is (as my oppinion as a computer scientist student and experienced database programmer) necessary.

    You want to play a game. You start the game list, wait for X seconds, you see a game, want to join it, have to load. The game is a 5 man pubstomp of 1600+ titled "noob only"... you leave. You have to wait again for X seconds for the game list to load, see another game, join, load again, the host is cherrypicking and you either get +2psr with 95% winchance or COULD get lots of psr but have 5% chance to win... no fun at all. You leave again, have to wait, pick, load, ... and so on.

    - Refreshing the game list
    When you open the game list and want to find a quick lasts for 10-30 seconds for the game list to load. The board is randomly build and there come entries some seconds after the first are shown. What I think you're doing is, that you call each server and then ask him for the games he's hosting and checking his ping.
    Why not let every server write his games in a central database and then just make calls on that and present it. Even if you ping the servers afterwards, and insert the ping after they're shown when they answered.
    Would need some rearrangement if someone wants his list ordered by ping, but not more confusing than the actual system and for everyone else a lot more convinient.

    Also you should skip getting the whole list. Switching filters is fast this way, but if you have to wait 10-30s for the list, it's outdated the second you see it fully. Ping doesn't change that much, so you could get them once and save them for a while (till the next logout?), skipping the most time consuming thing most of the time. And if you only ping the filtered servers, you get a full list with pings after a second if you filter a little bit.

    - Filtering
    No possibility to filter for autobalance and no possibility to filter for your psr range (a lot of ppl put it in the name now, because there are no mechanics supporting it) is just plain sad. Within game creation, make three new options: minimum psr, maximum psr and autobalance (will autobalance the game when "start game" is clicked). Also a possibility to filter for more than one option of a list would be nice. I want to check UK and Netherlands server region, because other european servers lag like hell and on US or Japan servers I get 200+ ping... and I have to switch every time. Or let me have a look at Noob only and noob allowed games without manually watching for Pro games not to join.

    - Loading when "joining a game".
    Why not load the important things in the background when everyone takes their seats, the host balances, heroes are picked and so on?

    - Quitting the game
    A minor one, but when I do a wall of text, why not mention it:
    You come out of a game, your friends logout and you think "don't wanna play alone". You have to click Match stats -> Main Menu -> Quit. Earlier when the match stats where shown in game, you could go to the menu and click Quit, but now you are thrown in the match stats screen instantly.

    I'm no native english speaker, so pls don't blame me for mistakes on that and excuse me if I sounded harsh or impolite, I don't want to.

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    No one interested in this?

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    I think some of your initial issues will be solved by match play.

    I admit, it must be frustrating for people with slower computers to try to get a game started when they're constantly loading different games.

    I do find it interesting that you have to load twice before the game starts - that is just plain odd.

    That being said...
    One of the problems with your post is the length and diversity of arguments. Your poll options are a little rediculous as well. Since when are 1/2 these things noob problems?

    I'm not voting for either option.
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    This is one of those TL;DR things -- HoN will fix up the interface on their own as the beta progresses.

    T-UP regardless.

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