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    S2 Wallpaper collection

    S2 Wallpaper collection
    Wallpapers have been set into spoilers for avoiding heavy loading times.

    Valkyrie by S2Los

    Hellbourne by S2Los

    Chicks of Newerth by S2Los

    Master Assassin by S2Ravenseye

    Logos - two screens by S2HamOnRye

    Landscape - two screens by S2HamOnRye

    Landscape - one screen by S2HamOnRye

    Heroes of Newerth: Battle by S2Ari

    Last Stand by S2Ari

    Valkyrie by S2Ari

    Oogie by S2HamOnRye

    Midwars #1 by S2Games (unknown artist)

    Midwars #2 by S2Games (unknown artist)

    Killstealers by S2Games (unknown artist)

    Pestilence versus Scout by S2Games (unknown artist)

    Watchtower by S2Games (unknown artist)

    Caldavar by S2Games (unknown artist)

    Artwork by S2Games (unknown artist)

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    The splash page artworks like this one can be found in the Fan Kit or in each recent new hero thread.
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    Awesome collection,thanks!

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    Awesome, Midwars #1 and logos are favorite

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    Let's hope we can add some more, currently using the Solstice splash screen.

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    Impressive !!!

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