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    Patch Notes - 2.6.18

    Version 2.6.18

    == New Content ==

    The 7 Deadly Sins Collector's Edition Series Continues!
    - 7 unique Deadly Sins Avatars are set to release over the course of 7 weeks
    - Each of these Collector's Edition Avatars will be available at limited quantities for a standard price
    - Once quantities have been exhausted, these Avatars will assume special Collector's Edition pricing: 800 Gold, unavailable for Silver - unlock these exclusive Avatars before they become rare Collector's items!
    - Collecting all 7 Deadly Sins Avatars will bestow a unique in-game effect on each of the 7 Deadly Sins Avatars!

    - The Fourth Deadly Sin: Lust
    * Added a new Collector's Edition Empath Avatar: Lust
    * Jeraziah has fallen to his Pride, but does it all stop there? When Lust befalls a true heroine, all of Newerth is left in fascination and frenzy. Who will succumb to her charm and fall victim to their own desire?
    * Releases 9/12/2012

    - Re-released Limited Edition Magmoose Alt:
    * In honor of our 100,000,000th Game Played Celebration, Magmoose has been made available for the next seven days. Claim this majestic beast of primordial fury as your own.
    * Releases on 09/07/2012

    - Added a new Balphagore Alt Avatar: Garbagore
    * Also in honor of our 100,000,000th Game Played Celebration, this year's HoN Madness winner, Garbagore will be available for free to anyone who finishes a game of HoN over the next week. After that time Garbagore will be available for regular purchase in Merrick's Shop.
    * Releases on 09/07/2012

    - Added a new Forsaken Archer Skin: Sabretooth Archer
    * Journey back to a time when the purest huntress of the Forsaken Woods; Sabretooth Archer, was still unscathed by the corruption of civilization.
    * Releases on 09/10/2012

    == General ==

    - Alt Avatar selection on the Hero Pick Screen has been completely redesigned!

    - The following heroes have been added to Tournament Rules: Artillery, Blitz, Gunblade and Kinesis
    - Fixed occasional problems when updating HoN using a Garena-launched client
    - Added an option in Merrick's shop to sort Alt Avatars between All, Owned, and Un-Owned
    - Lamp Posts no longer cause collision detection

    Forests of Caldavar
    - Removed tree that was blocking a juke spot on the right side of the Hellbourne Bottom Lane, near the most outer tower

    == Item Balance ==

    - Can no longer combine on Couriers
    * Components will remain separate until moved into the stash or inventory
    - Will now combine in both the owner's stash and inventory
    * Doombringer can now be disassembled as long as it remains in the stash
    * Once removed from the stash, a Doombringer can no longer be returned to the stash

    Bound Eye
    - Courier can no longer purchase a Bound Eye and still can not carry them

    - Components changed from a Major Totem to two Pretender's Crown
    * The item is now 170 gold cheaper
    - Now provides 10 passive Movespeed
    - Duration increased from 5 to 6 seconds

    - Courier Shield : Immunity time decreased from 7 to 4 seconds
    - Couriers can no longer block Neutral Spawns

    == Hero Balance ==

    - Base Damage lowered from 49-55 to 47-53
    - Emerald Lightning : Cast Range decreased from 625 to 600

    Blood Hunter
    - Hemorrhage : Damage increased from 190/315/440 to 200/325/450
    - Hemorrhage : Damage suffered from movement rescaled from 25/50/75% to 30/50/70%

    - Blazing Flight : Linger time decreased from 5 to 4 seconds

    - Absolute Zero : Damage increased from 40 to 50

    Forsaken Archer
    - Call of the Damned : Skeletal Minions duration decreased from 30 to 20 seconds

    - Grace of the Nymph: Mana cost rescaled from 40/55/70/85 to 60 at all levels
    - Grace of the Nymph: Cooldown increased from 19/18/17/16 to 22/20/18/16
    - Nymphora's Zeal: Mana cost increased from 100/120/140/160 to 120/135/150/165
    - Teleport: Mana cost increased from 90/150/210 to 120/180/240

    - Invigorate : Mana cost increased from 50/55/60/65 to 65
    - Persecution : Damage dealt decreased from 50 to 35/40/45/50

    Rift Walker
    - Starting Intelligence increased from 20 to 22

    - Tree Grapple : When pulling a tree to Silhouette the tree will no longer hit targets behind her

    - Cold Shoulder : Cooldown increased from 12 at all levels to 24/20/16/12

    == Optimizations & Bug Fixes ==

    - Oogie: Conflagrate now properly reduces the Cooldown for Kindled Fury on Haka and KuruKuru
    - Pyromancer: Scorcher's Dragonfire visuals have been updated
    - Shadowblade: Essence Shift can no longer gain extra charges from Geometer's Bane images
    - Fixed clan invites on 64-bit Linux
    - Fixed the location of tooltips in the Herodex Usage section
    - Fixed flickering item tooltips while spectating
    - You can no longer assist yourself in a kill
    - Video driver hangs/restarts are now properly handled
    - The updating now pre-allocates a contiguous file before building an archive to avoid fragmentation problems that could greatly slow down the patching process, especially with a slow hard drive
    - Doombringer no longer disappears when purchased in the fountain with a full inventory
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