Version 2.6.15
== New Content ==

Introducing the 7 Deadly Sins Collector's Edition!
- 7 unique Deadly Sins Avatars will be released over the course of 7 weeks
- Each of these Collector's Edition Avatars will be available at limited quantities for standard price
- After quantities have been exhausted, these Avatars will assume special Collector's Edition pricing: 800 Gold, unavailable for Silver - unlock these exclusive Avatars before they become rare Collector's items!
- Collecting all 7 Deadly Sins Avatars will bestow a unique special effect on each of the 7 Deadly Sins Avatars!

- The First Deadly Sin: Envy
* Added a new Collector's Edition Parasite Avatar: Envy
* Envy is the first of the Seven Deadly Sins to attack the Legion way of life. Desire for what others have is always a powerful corrupter and no one wants what others have more than Parasite! He will take you over, steal your buffs, and smile the entire time! How will you react when you see that your friends and neighbors have all that you desire? The power of Envy is unparalleled and will be drawing in both the forces of good and evil when its covetous ways are unleashed in Newerth!
* Releases 8/22/2012

- Added a new Limited Edition Legionnaire Alt Avatar: Executioner Legionnaire
* This Limited Edition Avatar will be at the "head" of the class when his axe swings into Newerth!
* Releases on 8/17/2012

- Added a new Moon Queen Skin: Blood Moon Queen
* This New Skin shows how Moon Queen gears up to harvest her foes in the full moon!
* Releases on 8/20/2012

- Added a new Taunt : Acme Taunt
* This Amazing New Taunt Randomly drops different objects from the sky to crush your foes! This is the first taunt of its kind!
* Releases on 8/17/2012

== General ==

Core Pool Added
- An all-new, optional game mode offers players a controlled environment to hone their skills with 40 hand-selected heroes, rather than the current pool of over 100

Added Hero Death Tips
- All heroes now display a hero tip upon death!
- These Tips will either be about the hero that killed you or the hero you are playing
- Death Tips offer advice on how to use your hero more effectively and how to play against your opponents while you are in the respawn screen

Matchmaking Updated
- Lock Pick is less restrictive and you can now queue a Lock Pick game with more options as well
* Still requires five players in a group to enter a queue with Lock Pick options enabled
- Added Express Matchmaking
* Express Matchmaking is a new fast way to get into a game
* Express options are pre-set as All Pick, Core Pool, and Casual Mode
* Map selection is limited to Forests of Caldavar and Mid Wars

Monkey King
- Heavenly Vault can no longer be stopped mid vault
- Added an additional second in which the 2nd vault can be activated

- You can now select a Default Alt Avatar to use with a hero
* Check the box when selecting an Alt Avatar in the pick screen to set it as the Default
- You can now pick an Alt Avatar when you right-click a Potential Hero

== Optimizations & Bug Fixes ==

- Soulstealer: Soul Burst fixed so it correctly is centered on Soulstealer's cast position
- Improved attack timings for the following heroes
* Witch Slayer
* Torturer
* Patriot Bubbles
* :forsa2:Clockwork Forsaken