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    SotW Rules

    SotW Rules

    Dear SotW participant,
    Please take note of the following before entering the SotW.
    • All signature entries must be made by the person who submits it
    • Signature entry sizes must be reasonable, typically within the limits of 420 pixels in width and 250 pixels in height. However, if you are entering a vertical sig you are allowed 280 pixels in width and 460 pixels in height
    • The current head of the SOTW decides whether or not it is a vertical or horizontal sig, and may apply the sizing rule accordingly
    • All signatures must follow the theme designated for that week
    • Only one entry is allowed per participant. You are allowed to change your entry as long as it is within the deadline
    • Relevant discussion is allowed in the entry thread. Not spam
    • Signature entries must not contain anything that links to your forum username. This is to facilitate fairer voting
    • Signatures must be made during the time of the SotW being announced. Typically, this period refers to the Sunday the SotW theme is announced till the submission deadline next Sunday
    • You may not use old signatures
    • Rules are to be enforced by moderators/Graphics Team only. Notifying a moderator/GT member of a rule violation is acceptable, but do not attempt to disqualify a participant youself

    SotW Information
    • The SotW begins on every Sunday
    • You may submit your entry from Sunday to Wednesday
    • Voting takes place from Thursday to Saturday, with the following Sunday as a rest day for the SotW team
    • Entries that fail to meet the current SotW theme may be disqualified. The SotW team's decision is final

    SotW Voting
    • Applicants may vote, but cannot vote for their own entry
    • Vote for at least 2 submissions. Votes for just 1 submission are invalid.

    Multiple rule violations after repeated warnings may lead to a suspension from the SotW.
    Rules are subject to change without notice. Please check this thread before you enter the SotW.

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