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    Team TehS looking for players. 1650-1800 mmr

    A little bit about our team

    Attributes in a team you might be looking for. Friendship, Chemistry, Dedication, No ragers, Looking to improve always, love for the game, and collaberation on picking heroes and playing different heroes, and most of all activeness, we are usually on everyday atleast 2-3 of us, and we are looking to further our team into more members and more fun.

    Currently we have the team members as follow
    Flourgubb3n- an awesome sweddish guy that plays a good jungler, and can also sometimes semi-carry
    Mashlahache- Mash is our hard supporter that also plays a wicked hammerstorm
    Skyhigh_ - suicide
    Slay4ya- utility
    Muz1k- carry/solo/initiation

    Requirements I look for in you:

    Flexibile playing schedule
    Microphone/ and skype
    Be able to play on USE servers

    If you like all of these things in this post add me on skype and we will talk further on there.
    skype : Muzpwnz
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    u still didnt say waht server u guys play in

    if its EU i wanna join

    this is my requst page

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    I would like to do some tryouts with you
    Im swedish, 18 years old
    I've played HoN on and off since early.
    I peaked at 1830 mmr pre compression
    I play every role quite adequately but i do prefer to not play hardcarry. Favorite roles are mid / initiation/ ganker

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    Alright by the way we play mostly on USE servers, but we do already have a swedish guy playing with us so , youre welcome if you can handle the ping

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    interested in joining will msg in game.

    been playing since beta, with dota experience
    can play hard support / carry
    skype / mic etc
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    I'm pretty interested based on the attributes you're looking for I'd like to try out the setup. I'm 1710 right now, but I'm always looking to improve.

    I realized recently that I don't have a specific role that I love more than another. Other than not playing support I can play the other roles fairly well and I want a team where I can truly excel at a specific role.

    I'll be on way later, I'm on USE, its only about 12 right now.

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    Looks very nice. Am certainly interested. However you'll have to give me a little bit to crick up my mmr to 1650. Currently at 1614 x.X;

    Also created a topic earlier looking for a team , for reference : .

    If you're willing to take me in or try out some games please let me know and I'll add you on skype.


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    I'm interested. I play on my smurf now since my main account has a high leaver % -_-. I was 1683.

    Add me in game has I have just added you on skype. Thanks

    madoMg: K/D: 1.5 .:. K+A/D: 3.43 .:. Win %: 56%
    LF Clan. Years of HoN&DotA EXP.
    Skype: HeyMadoQT

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    interested msg me on kth` or muz1k

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    1750+ here, my best heroes are gankers/initiators and junglers however I feel confident enough to play any role needed. Will message you in game (currently at work).

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    bummp , tryouts anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muz1k View Post
    bummp , tryouts anyone?
    i'm down whats your name ingame?

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    I'm interested in trying out, 1800+ MMR.
    Skype might be a problem till Tuesday when my new headset arrives. Old one broke.
    From UK, US East servers are no problem to play on.
    Add me in-game, WatsUrFlavah

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    Quote Originally Posted by WatsUrFlavah View Post
    I'm interested in trying out, 1800+ MMR.
    Skype might be a problem till Tuesday when my new headset arrives. Old one broke.
    From UK, US East servers are no problem to play on.
    Add me in-game, WatsUrFlavah
    will do

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    im interest of yours , i am looking for group to train and help me become better player.

    my main role is initator , support ,semi-carry , and my MMR +1700

    im from asian , but i live in sydney , my ID in game : Xin0X ,

    my skype : toanngo88 , cheers!!!

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    holding more tryouts tonight on thursday 10pm edt , which is in 30mins or now msg me quick!

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    Well with some inactive people such as slay4ya, and a few others we will be hosting more try outs tonight looking to create a new solid team, if you don't have the time to put into this team atleast 2 + scrims a night then dont bother messaging me. Message me on kth`

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    Hi, im currently playing on my other account Nexus` mmr is around 1600 depending on teammates i play on EU mostly but im pretty sure i can manage USE as well. been looking for a team for a while now and its mainly because i would like to play with people that have a common goal i can use skype and such you can check my stats in game or just ask me any question here. I play mostly carry/semicarry because i find it hard to win otherwise, im willing to do tryouts and such and also i play afternoon till late night. if it matters im 19years old and english is my first language. feel free to add me in game.
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