Thread: Hero and Item Suggestion Format - Get your awesome idea into the game!

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    Hero and Item Suggestion Format - Get your awesome idea into the game!

    We're looking to add some items to our shop, and sure, we have a stockpile of ideas of our own.. but where's the fun in that for you guys? We're looking to get community suggestions on items and, if the item is up to par, we'll implement it and name it after its creator.

    If you have an item suggestion, start a new thread. The topic name can be whatever you want, but be SURE to include "(item suggestion)" at the end of it.

    Here's the general format for item idea submissions:
    Item Properties/Attributes:
    * Any passive bonuses the item bestows (stats, health/mana, etc)
    * A description of any special properties of the item (passive effects, activated effects, etc).
    * Estimated TOTAL cost/availability (subject to change at implementation)

    Item ingredients:
    * A list of requirements to complete the item. Please refer to all ingredients with their HoN names.

    Goal of the item (optional, but preferred):
    * What do you want the item to accomplish for the game? For example, maybe you think HoN needs another late-game item to boost the attack of intelligence heroes, or you think another mid-game tank item is needed and you are hoping to fill that role. This part of the submission is optional, but by completing it you show us that you've thought out your item thoroughly and its intended effects on the game.
    If we do take an item suggestion and implement it, we'll name it after the creator (or allow them their choice of name if your current username doesn't work well). We will disclaim here that we will likely tweak some values and functionality for balance but will try to keep the item as close to original as possible.

    All suggestions should be formed in new threads to allow for potential discussion. Any threads not following the above format may be subject to removal.
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