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    At least let the legacy accounts play the new heroes when they are released so we got to keep something, I mean I paid for the game and now every1 will get exactly what I got. So please give us at least something... I mean 2 silver/game, woo****inghoo gj s2, made my ****ing day...

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    Its not about legacy. Who cares about that. But everyone is gonna smurf like crazy now. There are no drawbacks to creating free accounts and smurfing anymore. People who are really new to this game are gonna get dumpstered and leave after 2 games. Not the way to increase or maintain playerbase...

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    I'm a legacy player. I've been playing since closed beta. And I totally support this move. Good job, S2.
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    thanks S2. Impressive move, well done!

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    I totally agree with you, we bought this game and now they are giving it away for free...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michalux View Post
    Well obviously im a verified player but i never received legacy icon, so i couldnt know if im one of them or not :P
    Go ingame and hover over the token icon (right to your name). If it says you are legacy you are legacy I guess . The legacy icon was not handed out automatically, you had to "purchase" it in the store for free during a limited time period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrosFif View Post
    I've never heard of clan PORK before, but that just convinced me that they're #1.

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    woke up to see this, my brain is not happy about it. Going to let some time pass so that this can sink in, so far i dont see how this is an improvement.
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    I do not usually post on the foruns, but i have to say thats a AWESOME change s2 ^^
    more coins for me (legacy player) free alt for lots of ppl and now the game is more playable for everyone ^^

    gj s2!

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    while i do disagree somewhat with the desicions on the Legacy account "benefits" with this patch... i do think this is a step in the right direction for HoN.
    But I hope we are all prepared for the incoming storm of forums threads.

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    To get less anger, pay 2 coins for every playED game by legacy acc as well. But I support this move anyway.

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    Coming from a legacy player this is a excellent move. I can attest through my F2P friends that it was just to hard to play at a decent and fair level due to restrictions. Thank you so much for making this change!

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    The best thing is the Repriced shop, I would like to know, If I did a buy this week will I be refunded the difference of silver coins? I bought Medusa Midas this week .-. Hope they refund me

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    I am a Legacy player and not only do I support this move greatly but I am surprised we're getting more silver per game, I'm fine without it!
    Anyone who's whining about this, I'm sorry but, go f*ck yourselves!

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    All heroes free... BUT...

    Ok all heroes for free, this is really great move from you guys, but....

    Where will S2 people get money from now? alts, icons, taunts and other stuff only?

    hope this doesn't make S2 bankrupt or something

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    Big improvement in the f2p model, well done S2!

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    Yeah, the store. We'll probably see a lot more items to buy in the store since, as of now, that's the only way S2 will be making money

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    Very nice indeed S2!

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    I am a legacy player and this feels really bad. Seriously guys, we need a refund for that. Just +2 coins per game isn't something big. We seriously need something to rebalance things. A big silver coin gift would be great. And prices in store seriously need rework. Old avatars such as wretched hottie and poison ivy must get cheaper and so must also get the general avatars. It is almost 6 coins per game, so u need 100 games to buy an avatar? This is imba. Must think better of some things. Legacy players are greatly dissapointed.

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    Holy sh*t, I can't even believe how many whiny b*tches there are in this thread. You're mad that you paid 30 dollars for HoN 2 years ago? That's 30 freaking bucks for 2 years of pure entertainment and fun. Wow, get the sand out of your vaginas, people. I apologize for my language.
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