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    Community Collaboration Patch AMA w/ DOGKaiser

    Community Collaboration Balance Patch AMA w/ DOGKaiser scheduled Friday, June 1st

    DOGKaiser would like to invite everyone to an "Ask Me Anything" session about the Community Collaboration Patch hosted here on June 1st, from 13:00-15:00 EDT. You can post your questions until 12:00 EDT (noon) on June 1st.

    Please post your questions below and follow along when DOGKaiser spills the beans on what it took to make this patch a reality.

    Here's DOGKaiser's Patch Preview Interview for your reference:

    DOGKaiser's first round of responses:
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    Favourite Dota port?
    Favourite Hon-unique hero?

    Edit: Not sure if right time or not...
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    Well, nice to hear community is taking half responsibility on this patch. I just feel most of changes mentioned are mostly for competitive scene.

    About hellflower and kuldra, have you tried/thought of reducing kuldra's cooldown? Now that it's cc lasts so much less it wouldn't hurt having a lower cooldown, and can motivate people to build it again. I get the feeling all late game cc items will be obsolete if this nerf hammer keeps falling over them.

    Any plans regarding Magebane? Do you think he's balanced or needs to be nerfed/reworked? Ignore this question if he was changed in this patch!
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    When will be change the Free-to-Play System ?

    My friend want play HoN if the FTP is changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingbekir90 View Post
    When will be change the Free-to-Play System ?

    My friend want play HoN if the FTP is changed.
    How do you mean? HoN is FTP, do you mean that they should get all the heroes or be able to play all the game mods? why would people then buy the game?

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    can s2 support Chinese style linebreak plz?
    im making a chinese translation patch, but hon's auto linebreak is based on the space character
    in chinese there is almost no space in a sentence, the linebreak can follow on any chinese character
    could you please make an option in core_XX.resources or somewhere else, to support chinese style linebreak plz?

    and also, amplify the font memory(or sth else?) to support bigger font and word size plz?
    i found the korea client font is all word size 10, thats

    sry for my poor english

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    What do you think about the idea to take each DOTA port hero and overhaul them with the S2Games touch? I like Tiny and Pudge as much as the next guy, but with the release of DOTA 2 coming up, I'd love to see S2Games take these great heroes and make them even better.

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    Hi. In what basis do you choose heroes from HoN Dream site? thank you.

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    How/why did you lose to DivA? Sheer luck or did you get outplayed? (You owe me 200 silver + interest). Do you plan on getting revenge/a rematch?

    Also, what's your opinions on Gemini's current state? Do you think the nerf hit him too hard?

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    Just few questions:
    1. Do you mind to create in future some alt avatars for people who doesn't pay for gold coins and could be afford for reasonable amount of silver coins? for example alt avatars such as: magmus,tempest,devo which cost around 300-470 silver.
    2. Any chance that hon account could be paid aswell as it was before f2p? I bet many people might like that.
    3. Y U NO fix MK Don't see him on the list. And if not, why that?
    4. Mid Wars seem to be fun but for a short period of time. I think people just get bored. Do you think you might add something new ?
    5. Will you add any fun events in future gameplay that might give a chance to get some aditional silver coins?
    6. Thank you.

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    Terrible patch, nerf Salforis and MK PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

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    When will Staff of master work with all heroes' ultis?

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    Any Engineer changes coming?

    Any new community items coming?

    Any new orbs coming?

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    You promised 3.0 to be released soon about half a year ago, you going to stop slacking?

    Then again, S2 isn't really well known for keeping their promises often.

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    - What are you guys planning on doing with sacraficial stone, since it's been asked to rework it for quite some time now

    -While it was easy to get 5s with the javelin, it is still pretty hard to land a javelin. (for gods sake it's not an arrow) I didn't see it get pulled off that well in the competitive scene unless it was a mag/valk lane. So what really made it worth to change this?

    -What are you planning to do to change this tank meta game? It's clearly all those tanks are picked cause of all the new nuke heroes s2 has been making, so is there any way or will this remain and will there just be glass cannons and tanks in all the games?

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    How tall is everyone at S2?
    Has a rubber duck named "Mr. Quackers."

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    What is the logic behind balancing heroes in HoN? As far as DotA2 and LoL goes, when a hero is underpowered/not picked, they buff him/her slowly until he becomes strong enough to be picked in the competitive scene. In HoN, when a hero is too weak, they give him a small buff about once in an eternity and just focus on nerfing strong heroes.

    There is nothing wrong with nerfing a hero but I hate how you guys nerf strong heroes 100% of the time instead of buffing weaker heroes. There's a reason why only 30ish heroes are picked competitively out of a whooping 100+ heroes. A great example would be Moraxus currently. Six months ago, nobody ever used him. If you guys would have just given him a small buff then, it would have instantly attracted the attention of the pros. They would realize that he had great potential and was very powerful and they would have started using him long ago. But no. Rather, he was still unpicked for another five months until ONE pro used him and everybody started using him again. And that's even without a buff. Now, if the trend continues, I'm sure you're going to nerf him to the point where he's only a mediocre pick rather than a strong pick.

    So why? Why must you do this? I seriously think that you should just leave Moraxus alone and buff some other heroes that haven't been picked for ages! Seriously! So many heroes have the potential to be top picks in the competitive scene but they just aren't strong enough to be top material.

    Another example would be Midas. I agree that he was OP when he was first released (just like every other new hero you have released lately. I mean, come on, without even looking at the numbers I can tell whether or not a hero is OP or not) so I nerf was needed. I think switching the CD on the heal and the flasks was a great change. It was perfect that way. He was considerably weaker than when he was first released but not to the point where he isn't any good anymore. But then you went and nerfed his armor/agi. Why!? He was fine the way he was. He was strong in the sense that he was tough to kill and could do a lot of damage. Like Pebbles with a built in PK but lower base damage and ranged.

    What you should have done instead was buff some weaker hero that could stand up against Midas. A good example I can come up with is Defiler. Was top material a long time ago, is now next to worthless. Buff her little bits at a time, see how she does in the competitive scene when she gets picked and then move on from there rather than ignoring her. If she was stronger, she could have easily been a strong pick against Midas due to not having minions for him to kill (unlike, let's say, Keeper) but no point in using her if MIdas could just burst her down when she pushed.

    That's just my two cents. I just really want to know why you would rather nerf heroes to oblivion than buff never used heroes.

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    Tiiiiiinker =) ?!?!?

    Quote Originally Posted by Reldnahc View Post
    How tall is everyone at S2?
    Can we get a tinker based hero . with high dmg nukes and reset all cooldowns ulti would be awsome and couldnt wait for it the only part i miss is this kind of hero :!

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    What's going on with Gemini? He's an amazing concept for a hero but if any hero needs a remake, it's him. Will we see any much needed changes made to such a great hero?

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    Looks like more s2 fail.

    no change to the fact that pred and swift have lvl 1 built in magic immune, or a change to make ports consistent (ie have some sort of downside like pk) or any sort of change to make animations match but as a mod said "another case of people going off of animations" HE AND HE SEES NO PROBLEM WITH THAT. seeing as animations are the only indicator of were a skill ends and how to skillfully counter said skill or dodge skills. no nerf to tremble mound spam with 600 hp and 5 armor and 10 hits to kill. gj on failing s2
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    S2; Your patches and view points on game balance, always make me wonder if you're joking. If not, do you even play this game?
    1% of the BRs control 99% of the HoN rage. #occupyS2

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