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    Lightbulb Display heroguides accordignly to gamemode

    I think it would be a good idea (especially for new people) to display the ingame hero guides accordingly to the gamemode.

    What I mean:

    While playing normal mode, only guides are displayed which are made for normal mode.

    While playing midwars, only guides are displayed which are made for midwars.

    And why?

    Maybe there will be new guides written due to the new gamemode. But they won´t get recognized properly since there are allready tons of "normal" guides.

    In addition to that new players will maybe be using the wrong guide, i.e. using some midwars guide while playing a match on Caldavar/Grimms Crossing.

    All you need to do is adding a choice between "normal" and "midwars" mode while creating a guide.

    Do not forget that S2 stated a few days ago, there will be another game mode incoming in the near future. Maybe there will be needs for new guides aswell.

    How should new players find the best fitting guide if all guides from 3 gamemodes are mixed up?

    And what´s about the hero guides which are allready written?

    You could take every guide which is >85% rated (or 80, 90. Whatever you think is the best) and add the status "normal".
    I think all of those high rated guides are for normal mode.

    Sounds logical!

    Then vote for it :-)
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    I´m sure S2 oversight it.

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