Thread: Samsung Galaxy S3 - Met Expectations?

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    Samsung Galaxy S3 - Met Expectations?

    Calling all phone fanatics.

    As you've probably all know SGS3 was announced early in May w/ specs, and performance tests on pre-retail versions have been favourable.

    I myself will almost certainly be purchasing this phone ASAP as my current phone and carrier lack the frequency band and coverage required for my personal phone use during my working days, which is roughly 18-20 days/month.

    Will get into details sometime tomorrow as I gotta sleep now lol. Looking forward to opinions from Gorb, YA, and anyone else following this.
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    Samsung GS3 is amazing phone with ugly design (and bad material as well) ,If you don't care about your phone looking go for it
    or get HTC one x it has better materials /design with great performance.

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    Not sure... I'm definitely not impressed with the SGS+, many issues lately.

    Shouldve probably gone with the SGS2 at the time, but well... Definitely sounds interesting though, any good link with some more details to it?

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    It's a phone, if you want a portable computer, get a laptop.

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    jump on the sony train.
    we love design and quality

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    Xperia GX looks like arc s both sexy!
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    I wouldn't say the SGS3 is ugly, or call the material bad. Am I impressed by it, no, and the one-x unquestionably looks better.

    The selling point on the one-x though is the value, you can get an unlocked model for just over 600 CAD. The SGS3 will definitely be much more expensive.

    While the Xperia GX looks nice, the specs haven't been officially confirmed yet. While Sony has undoubtedly gotten better once they bought out Ericsson, they are usually late to the party. The Arc S came out 5 months after the SGS2 after all.

    @somethingodd: I have a laptop, new ipad and with that being said I still enjoy having the outside world at my fingertips.
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    don´t worry.
    sony gx/hayabusa will be up to date. the s4 chip was already confirmed through benchmarks.
    but the first a15 quad-core superphones will pop up at the end of this year, most likely.

    you just can´t keep up with the technical progress as a consumer.

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