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    Leave Percentage

    Hola, long time HoN player (Since closed beta) and this has always been bugging me.

    First off I want to say that I understand that **** comes up and that you have a legit reason to leave the game. However, **** doesn't come up around 50 times.

    The leave % at 5 is way too high. I can't sit here and throw out some great suggestion on how to improve it, because I don't have one. It just doesn't seem fair to the people who are trying to play that game that someone who plays 1000 games(I know it seems like a fair amount now, but MM has been out for a while now) can leave 49 of them, generally resulting in a loss for the team with the leaver. The fact that the leaver loses more MMR is great, but it can easily be gained back in a couple of wins and they pretty much go unpunished. For the people who are honestly trying to improve their MMR or only have time for a single game, I don't understand why leaving isn't taken more seriously. If the leaver is lucky, he can leave the game, join another, and if he wins that he basically losses as much MMR as the people who were stuck in the game he left (Pretty sure, quick math which I am awful at)

    I know this has been talked about before, but why is there no system that forbids you from joining a game while the game you left is still in progress? I'm not going to give out the name, but the player I played with had left a total of 77 games, that's freaking unbelievable.

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    Personally, I see very few leavers in my (Verified) games. I think for most players - me included - it does not matter if the threshold is 2%, 5% or 10%. The fact that there is a limit is enough of an incentive for us to not just leave games.

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    So that 77 leave guy has played well over 1000 games I take it...I think that making the leave not be able to join another game, while the game they left is still in progress, has always been a good idea. A lot of leavers around the start of the game end of raging at the picks so they just join another game and 1)expect a remake 2)screw team over. Changing the threshold would not be good, but changing the "leave->join another game immediately" troll tactic would be nice.

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