Hello Everybody!

Me and several Friends of me are looking forward to participate at upcomming Casual Tourneys and the Itsgosu Open May. We are rated between 1550-1700 and note; we don't go to these Tourneys to win in the first line, we want to gather competitive Experience.

We are currently looking for 2 Players to fill necessary roles such as a Solo / Suicide Player and an Innitiator / Hardcarry Player. I myself do have experience in draftings ect. and I've been playing HoN since Release so far. Been playing DotA before HoN was out tho.

We are all at an age of over 23. We don't expect people to be over 20 as well, but we want them to act adult. No useless flaming and insulting.

If you are interested, leave a message here or try to reach me InGame (j0hnawesome / j0hnskibr0) or add me on Skype with a lil' PM about you. (hecor_1988)

Greetings, j0hnawesome