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    Geojuice avatar needs improvement

    I like the overall idea, but it honestly doesn't feel like the avatar is even finished to be honest. I mean if it were one of the cheaper priced ones I suppose it wouldn't be as much of an issue, but being a fully priced one is asking a bit much. Here are some of the concerns I have regarding the skin's quality.

    1. The movement animations: it looks really rigid and almost like he's walking stilts, especially for a creature that's suppose to be mostly subterranean. I mean even the original model for Geo has some pretty fluid and more convincing motions like when he goes down on all his legs and sorta slithers. From what I can tell this avatar doesnt even do that at all. Why not? It's even on the original model. Overall the model sorta looks like a floppy puppet on stilts with the way the animations are now.

    2. The model is way too small: It's not even as big as the normal Geomancer model. I mean you guys do know that the sandworms from Beetlejuice are colossal right? (thats what the skin is a referance too for anyone who for w/e reason hasnt figured it out on theyre own), I can understand not making it too big but why isnt it at very least as big as the original Geo, it just doesn't look convincing at all.

    3. No new spell effects: I suppose some ppl may consider this one to me a matter of opinion, but given the price tag and the fact that there are cheaper skins that have new spell effects, I don't really see how the current quality can justify the price. Now Some of his spells I know there isnt really anything you can change, like dig or quicksand, I mean theres not a whole lot who could do to change those up for this theme, but what about his other two? Since beetlejuice was themed around ghosts and the dead, why not use that as a template? Earth's Grasp current effect could be changed to something like ghost/corpse hands emerging from the ground to grab at the target, or perhaps a swarm of flies/beetles. His ultimate could be change to instead have a bunch of tombstones emerging from the ground instead of shiny crystals.

    4. The voice: This one I can admit is more of a matter of taste and we could probably live with if it wasnt changed, so long as something else was done with the skin. I just don't think it suits the skin at all, but like I said, this one is just more my opinion.

    Seeing how other avatars have been updated, I don't see why its unreasonable for Geojuice to be a little more polished than his current state. Thoughts?

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    The animations have a fairly decent chance of being smoothed out, as S2 has done this with several alt avatars before, one of the more notable ones being Xeno Pred.

    As far as spell effects, size, and voice are concerned I really don't have a problem with the avatar and think its a fairly good one with nothing really NEEDED to be added.
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