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    A prince of Darkness sort of balphagore his lore can be a demon prince fallen from grace or something.

    His minions can be hell hounds

    Regurgitate: Spews fire at his enemies
    Corpse Conversion: The hell hound as shown above or something similar
    Demonic Pathogen: Puts a burning Pentagram beneath his foes that bursts to nearby enemies that then are covered in flame untill the silence wears off.
    Hell on newerth: Basically the same ulti but instead of hell on newerth it says Scream and Scatter or something of the like.

    I dont own these pictures i just seen them on my computer thought they would look nice as examples.

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    Shadowmancer Balph:

    Paper white skin and long white hair, long flowing black cloak that covers everything up to his neck. The robe would be black and reflective(that might suck for some computers) or some other form of material that would distort things imediatly around him. A small shadowy dragonling would be draped over his shoulders. For his auto attacks his cloack would burst open and a spawn-like claw or other grotesque shadow-formed appendage would lash out and strike. The limb would be large and thickly muscled, much more STR hero looking than the actual hero.

    1st: his dragonlingwould breath out shadow flames or his face would turn into a shadowy version of geo's face and he would spit out shadow flame
    2nd: Black sludge covers target hero, it would make a muted sort of thud as if the sludge rejected sound
    3rd: Summons shadowy skeletons - think a mix between the little flesh daemons in guild wars 2 and a more humanoid shade, Also when walking over corpses they would poof into shadow
    4th: a massive dead zone where no sound can be heard and the area would be black (sound can be deadened or something if not no sound) the speed at which the ult already spreads would give it a cool effect. Same concept for minions just a bit beefier

    I think this would be an interesting alternative to the overtly monstrous tank Balph looks. It is a slightly more subtle form of grotesque.

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    Demon Witch (of the West) Balphagore

    A fat demon in witches' clothing.
    - Corpse Conversion minions become Undead Blue Monkeys that flap along the battlefield (other skills remain the same)

    "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!"

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    RainbowGORE !!

    1 skills : Rainbow-Breath !! A rainbow cone expulsion using the animation that follow rainbow rampage
    2 Skills : he make a glintch at the target and Silence them with a fast tiny rainbow
    3 Skills : when he is near a corps, under 500 range, the corps morph into a star or a rainbow which is shining
    4 Skills : the RainbowGore cast an extreme rare rainbow ! A Circle Rainbow

    Concerning his appearance :

    inspired about One piece for this one

    animation for the 2 skills :
    He will fight with a Strap

    "What a beautiful Rainbow day"
    "On My Rainbow way !"
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    Leomite Balphagore

    A humanoid covered in armor would be cool. ^ Like this but a red version.
    The shield is a Lions face. Whenever Leomite Balph summons his minions, the lions mouth of his shield opens wide and roars.
    Minions are small armored lions. Obviously the fire vomit skill comes out of his shield as well.

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    I think its quite easy to decide what a new balph alt should look like!
    hes an awesome self reproducing monster, spurting his own corpses over the place!
    Think of "plants vs zombies" and magic the gathering, and we should go with this:

    Fungus Balphagore

    Unlike the traditional Balph who just wants to fill his belly with something jummy, this malicious foe
    wants to consume everything to infect everything with his own kind.


    At first, something like Parasite or Mutant Tremble comes to mind.
    Maybe a bit greenish, swamp like and rotten like a dead tree , infected and overgrown with fungi of different kind.

    After that we can discuss the visuals of his skills:

    Instead of vommiting he could sproud some of his spores over the place in front of him. green with little semes or stars in it

    Just change the color again, a green theme would fit it much better

    He should summon little, evil laughing fungi! Like:

    Just much more evil!

    Last but not least, his ult shouldnt bring hell to newerth anymore!
    Hell is just to harmless. After his ult the place should be overgrown and rotten like a swamp for some time!
    That would just fit the slow/monster theme of his different stacks.
    (Instead of consuming mana he could consume "solar" energy with every spell casted!^^)


    We seriously need more Plant and Fungi in Newerth! So make it true, let the hellborn infest newerth
    with the most evil plant ever! :Fungus Balphagore:

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    Quote Originally Posted by xUrinalx View Post
    heres my new balphagore suggestion:

    its a tortured/zombie-like dragon:
    think we have a winner, this is just awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheShawn View Post
    • Avatar Name:
    • Hell Demon Balphagore
    • Design of Avatar:
    • He will somewhat look like the devil himself (Bright red) with a ridiculously long tail (with a triangle point), possibly slightly chubby (if u know what i mean ^_-*)
    • He will have an epic pitch fork that stays ablaze with fire
    • His voice will be a Satanic Demon voice always weeping, deep but sad
    • Voice Quotes:
    • "Is it hot in here or is it me?"
    • "Arise my little ones, ARISE!"
    • "I'm out of mana, Let's use BLOOD!"
    • "Great, who stole my pitch fork?"
    • "Do you belong here? Let me check my list"
    • "I consume corpses, not souls, muahahaha!"
    • "Someone turn the air condition on, I can't take it anymore!"
    • "Ooooooooooooooooh nooooooooooooooooooooo"
    • "Fire? what fire!?"
    • "I will bring everyone to Hell!"
    • "What's for dinner? I'm HUNGRY!"
    • "Who were you sent by?"
    • Skill Design:

    • **Regurgitate** will spit a better graphical version of fire changing colors from yellow to red to orange every other casts..
    • **Demonic Pathogen** will set the target a blaze with a huge flame covering them and same as spread units, if spell spreads
    • **Corpse Conversion** will raise small little baby devils with pitch forks or demons with pitch forks, while collecting corpses the ground will be set blazed of fire where the corpse was (obviously doing no damage, just visually appealing)
    • **Hell on Newerth** will be similar to Diablo's flame circle in Diablo 2, as it ripples outward, the bigger the flames with the amount of stacks

    This is by far the most thought out idea i have seen so far, and would drop 500 golds on it in a heartbeat kid!

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    i like this idea a lot from Andunyel
    Maybe a bit greenish, swamp like and rotten like a dead tree , infected and overgrown with fungi of different kind.

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    *Minions "wolf pack" image from google, not my work/photography*

    Basic idea is for Balphagore (Wolphagore/ Werewolphagore) to be a human that was struck by a Werewolf and was cursed to be stuck in the wolf form (think William from Underworld), being entirely corrupted by the evil. He takes out his rage upon the "Blessed" being the Legion, whom he believes are squandering their gift of an uncursed life.

    His basic look would be the first image, a Reasonably big werewolf, with a very bloodthirsty, evil look about him.

    The minions would just look like normal wolves, possibly a bit mutated and dark looking.


    *Note* The "Howl" sound effects for spells W, E and R are each distinctly different, so people can distinguish between the spells easily.

    [Q] Regurgitate - Look changed to be less fiery, and more bile/puke coloured (pale green mixed with orange), with some black mixed in for the corruption. This idea is that his body can regurgitate the bodies he has eaten recently, aswell as the very powerful stomach acid which deals the damage and slow.

    [W] Demonic Pathogen (Crippling Howl) - Wolphagore Launches a terrifying howl at the target, causing their mind to be frozen with fear, unable to cast spells, When the ability is activated again, a louder howl is heard, and then the ability spreads.
    The visuals for the spell would be a dark purple instead of red.

    [E] Corpse Conversion (The Dark Curse) - Same effect/sound, however a purple hue to it, rather than red. When minions are spawned a howl is heard with the demonic voice over the top "Rise, Cursed Ones".

    Minions would be normal wolves (on all fours) with a darker, mutated look (like the werewolves William in underworld 2 converts)

    [R] Hell on Newerth (Unleash Hell) - When cast, a loud howl is heard with the demonic voice over the top
    "Feel my Pain!"
    "Spread the Curse!"
    "Unleash Hell!"

    The effects would be purple instead of red, with the spawned minions, mutated dark werewolves.


    The voice would be very dark and demonic, with a bloodthirsty tinge to it. The howls would be blood curdling.

    General Responses
    "I hunger"
    "The beast must feed"
    "the blessed shall suffer"
    "Feel the pain of my curse"
    "Hell is coming to Newerth"
    "I'll tear their flesh"
    "Limb from limb"

    Flavour Responses
    "Prepare, for the Wolf Age!" (ice age)
    "I'll wolf them down"
    "I'll huff, and puff, and tear their face off" (3 little pigs)
    "You don't sparkle, but im still going to kill you" (twilight)
    "Where's your grandma now?!" (red riding hood)
    "What big teeth i have to eat your face my dear" (red riding hood)


    "Death will be your final wish"
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    Well, I think everyone is off track here, Everyone is thinking of out of nowhere ideas that do not fit in with Balphagores abilities.
    1. Balphagore must be a creature that consumes corpses
    2. Balphagore must have an effect which "spews" or ejects an effect which generates corpses.
    3. Balphagore must have an effect which Sends out a wave of something which slows.

    this severely limits the options and most posts here are rediculous. So here are some of my thoughts of cool avatars

    1. Crooked creature with a Green bubbling cauldron on it's back (Basically corpses go in cauldron and liquid and creatures somehow come out of the cauldron) Most probably an ogre or Witch

    2. An Energy creature which converts corpses into energy, Energy is then exerted outward for Balphagores main abilities, And the creature spawns attacking anomalies

    3. A Giant troll (Similar to lord of the rings troll) Which eats corpses and spews green/yellow stuff, He summons Goblins (Lore, Goblins feed off the scrap tissue from consumed bodies and well fed Goblins listen to the trolls command)

    4. A More demonic like creature, similar to Malphas or the big demon that comes out when the hellbourne wins

    5. A Paladin which liberates souls from nearby bodies of foot soldiers, He ressurects some foot soldiers to do his bidding, He shoots rays of light with his abilities, He uses the power of the light to force nearby souls that are in limbo back into corpses, so he can liberate them into the next plane of existance

    6. A Dark shadowy creature similar to soul stealer, he projects darkness with his abilities, summons smaller versions of himself

    7. Cannibal Balphagore, Enough said

    8. Butcher Balphagore, Uses a Giant meat cleaver, has mean hanging from hooks on his body, He ejects and throws chunks of meat and blood, Meat chunks can generate corpses

    9. Abomination balphagore, As balphagore walks over corpses, unit model increases in size, Summons mini version of self, Similar looks to abomination in Warcraft 3 when it comes to stitching and colour

    10. Hades Balphagore, A creature engulfed in flames, he consumes which fuels his body slightly reviving health, He releases waves of fire for his abilities, He spews up charred corpses, wields a sword which is on fire.

    Well that's my 10 ideas, enjoy
    Who is Captain utility you ask?
    One asian and a chinese cup stuck to a forehead later and this is what you get

    He may be only a legend amongst the drunk people of Hawkesbury, but one day he will save the day

    Sindred: An epic Hard carry adept at taking down grouped enemies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jestai View Post
    Ismael Vera alt avatar obviously.

    Balphagore's alt should look like Ismael Vera's forum picture.

    Sound : Ismael Vera will do the voice himself.

    Q : "Posting". Should look like random letters going out of the mouth of Ismael. Cadavers are unaware forum members that slit their wrists after reading them.

    W : "Private message". Ismael sends a private message to his enemy (should look like a mail or something). The poor guy is dazed by the stupidity of the material. When he has recovered, he spreads the message to his close friends, with the same effects.

    D : "Trolls". Ismael official supporters. "I don't see what the problem is with Ismael, he's all right, don't get mad at him lol XD...". These guys. They are ready to fight for him.

    F : "Forum rage". Ismael starts a thread (like this one People are annoyed, or mad, or very, very mad.

    Support plx.
    I'd give my left kidney to this man.

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    Upon a cloud of blissful ignorance
    Let me present

    (Could also be called Trashman, Junky, Garbago, Junkmeister, The Litterer or Disposer)

    Should look something like this, only way uglier and less shiny. Needs to look rusty and steam-punky. If you are unsure what you are looking at, it's basically a garbage truck which has transformed into a bi-pedal robotic monstrosity.
    In other words, Garbageman, the dirty Transformer.


    Considering he is a walking garbage-truck with a mind, he should have a tired, dirty robotic voice. Kind of like if Optimus Prime grew a beard, was raised on a farm in Kentucky and had smoked cigars since he was five years old.

    "You're garbage"
    "My second wife had more fuel than you"
    "You're disposable"
    "The unwanted, half-eaten apples of your careless youth have come back in vengeance. Prepare to face the manifestation of your waste."

    Or things to that effect.


    [Q] - Open the Hatch!
    Unleashes the garbage of years past from the bozom of this hideous automaton, drenching enemies in its terrible decay.
    Also drops the occasional corpse.

    [W] - Smellied
    Pours the stench of millions onto a hapless victim. The smell overcomes all, silencing the enemy at the sheer horror of it. The stench spreads like an infectious disease to those in it's vicinity.

    [E] - Trash Canines
    Using the scraps of things long gone, Garbageman creates minions which help in his quest to avenge the tossing aside of all things useless. These trash cans of ages past are given hideous claws, teeth and legs in which to grind the enemies of Garbageman into easily digested debris.

    [R] - Garbageddon
    Garbageman has only one goal and that is to rid the world of all garbage, and my garbage he means other sentient beings. Using the garbage accumulated by the spells cast by his enemies, Garbageman loads his doomsday-device, The Tessacrap. Once fully loaded, The Tessacrap unleashes poison fumes and living refuse which harrows his enemies.

    The rubbish of the past is the doom of tommorrow!

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    Not in Brazil HUEHUE

    my vote go for this

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    A NEW LEVEL of Hero creation! COMBOMASTER.

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    Love S2 for going to all this effort to give the community a free skin. Awesome.

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    This is a winner

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    Eldrid("Fiery Spirit" in Norse)

    My idea is an avatar similar to the Avatar of Khaine from Dawn of War 2. Now there are some things that you could change to prevent copyright issues such as the sword to become more similar to Maliken's sword. Another example of a change could be his armor to become more similar to Lord Salforis; (adding a flaming cape could also be AWESOME!) Now let's go into more detail about changing the armor. Basically, The flaming sword could become remodeled to represent Maliken's sword but have similar runes placed on the sword that could say something such as "Hellbourne". Also, the change to the helmet for the alt avatar can be exactly remodeled to look like the helmet of Lord Salforis(below). Lastly, there could also not be any armor and instead his skin made completely of fire similar to the above picture.

    VOICE and Script
    I am thinking for the voice, as (s)he speaks, there should be a type of fire crackling/lava sound, similar to this video

    "All shall burn"
    "The fire beckons for your destruction"
    "To cinders and ash"
    "Your options are weighed in my favor"
    "Man's greatest discovery is their downfall"
    "You speak of peace, yet you fight"
    "Your hatred strengthens my inferno "
    "I am the heat of the battle"
    "Your corpse shall aid in the war"

    Skill Usages:

    Regurgitate: Some type of fire breathing sound
    Demonic Pathogen: "Silenced under the blaze"
    Corpse Conversion: " Come forth essences of flame"
    Additional stuff: Instead of a protruding belly, the "Demon" hand could glow and become a bit more fiery with each corpse, also the minions can be a minature sized version of the beast that appears when you destroy the Hellbourne base.
    Hell on Newerth: "The embers spark!"
    Additional Stuff:When used and standing still, (s)he could do something similar as to a war cry(tossing head back and inciting fear)
    Taunt: "Your will shall be extinguished"
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    Necromancer Balphagore

    this would probably be a golden avatar, cus it then needs new model, sound and new colour on his spells

    the model size on Balphagore is quite big, so a normal human dont have the rigth size to fit the model, so i think he needs a (alive or undead) creature other then a normal human Necromancer

    changes needed

    • Regurgitate add pullsing death skulls coming out from Balphagore and change colour of it to purple
    • Demonic Pathogen change colour to green
    • Corpse Conversion when walking on a corpse a blue soul is drained out from it, and summons blue shades instead of demons
    • ulti needs a new sound (cant have Balphagore voice shout Hell of newearth) and other moddels on Volatile Minions = green shades
    check out my alt Avatar Balphagore Necromancer suggestion

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