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    Alt Avatar Contest: Balphagore!

    After two months of voting, we're proud to announce that Balphagore is the winner of HoN Madness and will be receiving a new alt avatar! We'd also like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for their favorite heroes throughout the event and hope that you enjoyed yourselves.

    Since the community chose Balphagore as their winner, we thought it was only fitting to have the community determine what his new alt avatar will be. So we're ALSO announcing the start of a new Alt Avatar Contest!

    This is your chance to share your ideas with S2 Games and maybe get one of them into HoN. Anyone is welcome to contribute their ideas and all you have to do is post below. Feel free to consult the area in the rules below for what parts a good idea would include. We're extremely excited to see what you guys can come up with!

    Here are the rules for the contest:

    • Submissions should start with a 5-10 sentence summary of the idea.
      • If you include any additional details, summarize those too.
    • No copyrighted material
    • Only one submission per person
    • All regular forum rules are in effect for submissions (no mature content, discrimination, etc.)
    • Suggestion needs to be easily identified as the original hero.
      • This can be visual (it resembles the original) or theme (see Magmoose, Artillery etc.)
    • Submissions should be as detailed as possible. This can include:
      • User created concept art or a detailed description of the look of the alt avatar
      • Partial or complete script for the alt avatar's voice
      • What the voice should sound like
      • What the animations for the alt avatar should look like
      • Back stories for the alt avatar
    • Contest will end on May 18th at 11:59 AM EST

    The winning idea will be chosen by S2 and the community member who suggests it will get a free copy of the alt avatar when it's added to the game AND 1000 Gold Goblin Coins.

    Good luck!
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    but uhh s2 you already released a balpha avatar here it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by King_Tiger View Post
    but uhh s2 you already released a balpha avatar here it is
    That's not the one he will get through HoN Madness.

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    that doesnt change the fact that balpha won the contest,
    too bad my idea in no way resembles balpha, and i have no idea what my skin would sound like, so i guess i disqualified myself

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    The stereotypical large female viking opera singer. Perhaps zombified/demonized to look evil, but this should be subtle.

    Operagore's voice is essential to the appeal of this alternate avatar. The voice must be simultaneously confident and powerful yet melodic and pleasant. She would sound like a traditional (and stereotypical) lead opera singer, preferably within the mezzo-soprano range.

    Command responses:
    "Over the hills"
    "This way my children"
    "Direct me, maestro"
    "Sing to me"
    "Silence is golden"
    "Patience is a virtue"

    Flavor responses:
    "Do re me fa so la ti do" (scale)
    "Let the curtain fall"
    "If you keep clicking me this may be your last showing"
    "Does this breastplate make me look fat?"
    "Peter Piper picked a peck of ppp epe... aah, screw it"

    Taunt responses:
    "It's not over until the fat lady sings" (on taunt)
    "aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" (on successful smackdown)

    Restriction responses:
    "I'm out of breath" (out of mana)
    "I'm waiting for my cue" (cooldown / spell not ready)


    Regurgitate -> Crescendo
    • Theme: Operagore belts out a battle cry
    • Visual: Golden yellow wind in a cone
    • Auditory: A dramatic mezzo-soprano note that is held for the duration

    Demonic Pathogen -> Silenzio
    • Theme: Operagore prevents enemies from singing (spell-casting)
    • Visual: She points (not swings) her axe in direction at the enemy target. The spell effect would look similar to existing, but more golden than red
    • Auditory: "Silenzio!" in a loud, authoritative yet melodic command

    Corpse Conversion -> Risuscitare
    • Theme: Operagore picks up corpses in order to resurrect them as cherubs
    • Visual: Picking up corpses is not changed. Minions are tiny little fat cherubs wearing light plate armor.
    • Auditory: "Rise again!", once again in a melodic voice

    Hell on Newerth -> Fortissimo
    • Theme: Operagore unleashes a devastating powerful climatic note
    • Visual: An expanding golden sound wave. Generates cherubs at max level.
    • Auditory: An extremely loud, soprano high note, akin to the stereotypical "breaking glass" gimmick of accomplished vocalists. The sound of shattering and falling glass can be heard in the background.

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    xanderK can you please post the real numbers from that poll? I'd like to know how close it was. Thank you
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    Porcupine Balphagore.


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    Quote Originally Posted by riddie View Post
    xanderK can you please post the real numbers from that poll? I'd like to know how close it was. Thank you
    It was not close. :-\

    And stay on topic guys! There is another Balphagore alt coming out soon but that doesn't affect this contest. The community is coming up with the idea here and that makes it special. Balph won HoN Madness so show him some more love and come up with another awesome alt for him!

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    how about a female chef Balphagore with a butcher knife as weapon and little kids as minions

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    Man, Balph doesn't strike me as the easiest hero to come up with an alt for. His feel and theme is very specific. I may try my hand at a submission, though.
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    I will use my old idea from the prevoius contest: Decaying Magician Balph!

    Will add the details later :P

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    Red Dragoon Balphagore

    A fire dragon. May be substituted with a Dark Dragon in order to reuse the Minions he spawns. Voice may need to be changed.

    Q. Flamethrower- Spews fire. Only the sound file needs to be changed, since the effect is already much like fire.

    W. Ember- Same as above. The effect is fine, and the subtle sound is already a fire crackle. Balph's laugh needs to be changed to a fire breath sound

    E. Spawn Dragoon- Could keep the minions for balance, or you can make little dragoons.

    R. Fire Blast- No visual changes necessary, except for maybe the minions. Voice needs to be changed.
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    i have an idea but not complete it is ,as our latest EA hero which is the ellonia freeze style i say we can turn balphagore into a freeze.

    Detailed description story :from the depth of the seventh content antarctica, lies a dorment beast who was awaken by mistake that sworn to freeze anything in its way and punishes who dared and woke him up from his sleep ,to newerth he is going, to the heroes who disturbed his queitness ,to the legon where he will unleashes wrath upon them through joining the forces of the helbourne,that will be indeed the way to his salvation and the only way that can satisfy his cold spirit and clams down his frozen heart.

    1)regurgitate = BLIZZARD BREATH which slows and damges enemy with frozen bones in the form of corpse thrown out of his frozen belly

    2)daemonic pathogen= FROST VIRUS where he targets an enemy opponent that silences and damages nearby enemy heroes when they close to each other

    3)corpse conversion =FROZEN BONES where he takes up corpses from the ground to regenerate and then turn them into his beloved frozen minions which slows and damages anything it touches

    4)hell on newerth= FREEZE NEWERTH where he unleashes a wave of cold destruction that slows everthing around him and deals damage also summons one of fearest beasts ever
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    what about this. a Dark energy Balphagore something like Soulstealer but some Fatty.


    First skill . a Dark energy beam throwing small radiants crystalsinstead of corpses
    Second skill . The same silence but something about above the head a Shinning Sphere icon
    Third skill. a Little Dark energy spheres instead of minions. every time they hit the enemy can stack a Light Counter on enemy viewed as a ray in the body of the enemy
    Fourth skill. the ultimate can be the best graphic design ever created. take the ultimate of chronos but does it as a great explosion of dark energy from the floor. up to the diameter of the Chronosphere. this may have some luxuries Chronosphere graphics such as lightning and explosions of dark matter from it.
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    [not my art]

    Holy Seraphim Servant Balphagore

    -Regurgitate becomes: Holy Expulsion
    -Ray of light shoots out in a cone from Seraphim
    -Shouts "Bathe in holy light!"
    -Instead of Corpses, Shields with a Cross Insignias and swords are strewn on the ground. A chime like sound is played when gathered.

    -Demonic Pathogen becomes: Silent Virtue
    -A Halo flies to the top of the head of the first person cast on, and then to the subsequent targets after the effect wears off.
    -Shouts "Silence is Golden"

    -Corpse Conversion becomes : Mass Resurrect
    -picks up corpses like balphagore
    -Summons miniature cherubs to attack the enemy
    -Shouts "Rise, fallen warriors!"

    Ultimate skill Hell on Newerth becomes: Heaven on Newerth!
    -Shouts "Heaven on Newerth!"
    -Holy white light with angelic harp music plays
    -Angels attack instead of Volatile minions

    Misc dialogue: "My lord commands it!"
    "Light is Right!"
    "May the holy cross be my light!"
    "The Power of Newerth Compells you!"
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    Balphagore from heaven, he slightly reminds of Jeraziah, but he's more fatty!
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    please just give balphagore boobs :|

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    Brace yourself! Beach-Balphagore!

    Beach-Balphagore (BB) is an annoyed overweight father of several little sons. And they are all up to no good!
    BB wears and bathing suit that has white and [color of his position] stripes, he wears sunglasses and if possible has spot of sunscreen on his nose.
    His axe and sword get replaced by a shovel and a bucket. Around his belly he wears an inflatable rubberduck (the kind that helps you stay above the water, I don't know the name sorry). If you can get the original voice-actor back, he should record some new lines, about his kids annoying him and the sun being
    too bright.

    His skills get visually changed too:

    Regurgitate: BB swallowed too much water while swimming and is now "coughing" it up.
    Visuals: The lava is changed to water.

    Demonic Pathogen: BB challanges an enemey hero to never let a beach volleyball touch the ground, The foe is so focused on the game that he can't cast spells. Also the game is very addicting and spreads easily.
    Visuals: A volleyball bounces on heroes heads.

    Corpse Conversion: After eating BB calls his sons, but those little rascals just can't obey their fathers orders for long and start harrasing other visitors of the beach.
    Visuals: The swords are replaced with shovels and they wear swimming trunks.

    Hell on Newerth: BB dives into the ocean, however his bodymass displaces quite some water! Also some creatures of the sea get disturbed by the impact
    and randomly start attacking other visitors of the beach.
    Visuals: the energy ring is changed to a tidal wave, the small demons are now crabs.

    And that's it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanguardian View Post

    [not my art]

    holy seraphim servant balphagore

    -regurgitate becomes: Holy expulsion
    -ray of light shoots out in a cone from seraphim
    -shouts "bathe in holy light!"

    -demonic pathogen becomes: Silent virtue
    -a halo flies to the top of the head of the first person cast on, and then to the subsequent targets after the effect wears off.
    -shouts "silence is golden"

    -corpse conversion becomes : Mass resurrect
    -picks up corpses like balphagore
    -summons miniature cherubs to attack the enemy
    -shouts "rise, fallen warriors!"

    ultimate skill hell on newerth becomes: Heaven on newerth!
    -shouts "heaven on newerth!"
    -holy white light with angelic harp music plays
    -angels attack instead of volatile minions

    misc dialogue: "my lord commands it!"
    "light is right!"
    "may the holy cross be my light!"
    "the power of newerth compells you!"
    this. This right here. I can already see it.

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    How about a Giant British Teapot (could be like a mech or a twisted demon or something to fit in with the lore)
    1st - Spills tea all over the enemies through its spout
    2nd - Clouds the enemies is aromatic steam
    3rd - Summons an army of little teacups
    ult - Opens its lid and unleashes its delicious content of tea and little sugar cube soldiers

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