Thread: Looking for pre made group of guys who are pros to join.

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    Looking for pre made group of guys who are pros to join.


    I'm not to good at this as I've never looked for a group of guys who simply know how to play. Here is the deal i'm a very good player. I can play anything. My stats are deceiving I play with a lot of real life baddies who are learning and simply just are not good. They are getting there slowly. You can look at my on paper stats I think I have like a 1.15 KDR and a 2.85K+AD:R. Idk the other stats prob like 260 gpm a game. It doesn't matter they are not accurate to my play. If anyone wants to add me to their clan or test me out in some games I would love to do so.

    I also figured I would gather a list of my strongest heroes since honestly that does matter.

    I'm really good with the following:


    Thats just a quick list off the top of my head.

    Please respond to this if you have any interest or private message me if you prefer

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    So i just read the sticky in the thread and I FAIL!

    I forgot key information.

    I have played dota since god I dont know when it was many many years ago. Fact of the matter is i've been playing this game for at least 8 years.

    I'm 20 years old and im located in EST (eastern time)

    Also it asks for competitive gaming experience.. I guess i can include my MMO experiences ive played WOW for 6 years and raided hardcore end game content in content and cleared everything besides the recent deathwing, because I quit...

    I'm def looking for a high skill level clan!

    I know this game like the back of my hand!

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    I feel rather insulted by the views and not even 1 reply... :/

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    You're ridiculous and bad, that's why.
    I am a beast.

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