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    Carry pyro.

    anyone know that usual carry/troll pyro build that's really consistent. usually consist of a shroud and savage mace and is hella heavy dps late game.

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    Since he already has his attack speed steroid it's logical you'd want to focus on raw damage. Shroud and Shieldbreaker are probably the best best for mid game+. If it gets late make a Kuldra and Savage and gg?

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    If you want a troll build get shieldbreaker & sols into genjuro and wingbow. Make daemonic later and rifts + boots of choice .done

    Otherwise a more logical build consists of items like bkb, hellflower, sheepstick, fws and luxury of your choice like daemonic or rifts.
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    **** that, be a mobile mother ****er

    pk, post haste, firebrand, invulnerable, genjuro, and refresher for double PK

    winning is over rated.

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    Not done it myself but seen a dude go PK, posthaste, kuldra, nullstone, savage and riftshards.....and it worked really well..however I really can't imagine carrying with pyro

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    Core items: Steam Boots/PK/ Null or SH
    Carry Items any of these: FWS, SheepStick/HellFlower,Savage,Rift,Harkons

    Depends on the game but please no shroud builds unless the other team is complete trash you get hardly no stats from it and will most likely fail.

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    I would say please don't concentrate on carry items from the start. Pyro has a lot of early/mid game power as well!
    I think the best way to play him is to snowball off kills and flashfarm mid game.

    For items, as mentioned in the post above, get pk, steamboots, and nullstone (and sometimes maybe build a power supply if it comes handy)
    After the core items, to go carry just build hellflower and fws.

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    Theres 2 ways to carry with pyro. Autoattack build or nuker for autoattack build get something like genjuro, daemonic, shieldbreaker, steams, savage and rifts. For the nuker build ghosts, pk/tablet or both, nullstone, hex, hf, harkons, shivas etc... Just dont get fws its pretty trash.

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    Core: TP boots/ PK/ Ring of Sorcery

    Lategame: Nullstone/ Kuldra's

    Luxury: Hellflower/ Savage Mace or Riff Shards

    Carrying with Pyro is not "trolling" it's a very real and very effective end-state to picking the hero. If you're playing him as a support or even as a semi-support, you're greatly underestimating how strong this hero is.
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    hellflower + null will do the job too.

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