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    Dont you find curious that...

    When you don't pass the rmk vote because the other team is in disadvantage, you end up losing almost all the time?...

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    Because usually not passing a remake vote makes the opponent try harder to kind of punish you for not passing the vote

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    I think it might be that people who are so worried about mmr that they won't even pass a remake in hope of an easy win aren't the best players to begin with.

    Also the people who don't pass it in hopes of a free win are more likely to get upset when it turns out not to be a free win, while the other team's morale will be bolstered by seeing that they could possibly turn the game around on them.
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    instant karma

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    It's divine intervention for sure.Everytime my team don't pass the rmk cuz one person on the other team dc'ed, we lose every single time.Divine intervention 'nufsaid.

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    You're all wrong. The reason behind the four winning all the time is simply because of the economical advantages.
    One less player also benefits the team morally, one less problem when it comes to the team synergy.

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    I dont know why, but 90% of the time, if you dont pass the rmk vote, you lose.

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    My theory: The level advantage that 4v5 gives is actually better than having all 5 players, in some cases.

    If the team with 4 players ganks one player on the enemy team and then pushes, they have an even numbered fight, except that they have a level and gold advantage.

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